1.Talk to the Scientist or skip the conversation.
Click the Goat Box.
2. Cheer Up Rick
Why shouldn't you tell secrets when a clock is around?
Because time will tell.
3. Did We Shatter Your Life?
set the left symbol to: 2 diagonal lines
The middle symbol to: a square
The right symbol to: a big circle
The message should clearly say: Lost time is never found again
4. Face It Rick. It's Over.
Set both clocks to 9.
5. Gnorw Tnsi Ti Fi
Go right instead of left.
6. Do You Have Remorse?
Use morse code OR solve the rhyme. The solution is: SPARK
7. Mr. Simple
Click the Goat Box.
Enter any number and close the box.
8. Enter the kitchen.
Click the refrigerator to look inside.
9. Cafe
Try to talk to Lily.
10. Mr. Simple's Office
Exit his office.