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Click on the game screen above.The two players, blue and red, take it in turns to placepieces on the board. You can place a piece either on a blanksquare, or on a square already occupied by some of your ownpieces. When the number of pieces on a square reaches thecritical mass for that square (two for corners, threefor edges, four elsewhere), that square explodes, and scattersthe pieces on it in all four directions. If any of thesescattering pieces lands on your opponent's pieces, they arecaptured and become yours. If this scattering causes other squares to exceed theircritical mass, then they explode too, and so on, until either theexplosions stop or there are only one player's pieces still onthe board. That player's the winner! To help you, squares that only need one more piece toexplode are colored slightly lighter.


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