1. Click on the mirror pick up the glass shard.
2. Click near the end of the bed to pick up the bell.
3. Click bed sheet to tear it.
4. Flush the toilet and then quickly click the bowl. Pick up the nut before it goes down the drain.
5. Combine the sheet with the glass shard.
6. Examine the x-rays.
7. There is a button under Lewis' hand.
8. Speak with The Hatter.
9. Open up Lewis using the knife.
10. Use the nut on Lewis.
11. Find the soft spot of the stomach and cut it with the knife.
12. Stab the worm and wait.
13. Read the newspaper for a clue.
14. Use the newspaper to decipher the password on the note. The password is: MARCH
15. Use the computer. Type "help" and hit enter.
16. Type "Unlock March" and hit enter.
17. Take the photos from the safe.
18. Change the Painting to have the rooster, a heart, and a hand throwing a coin.
19. Click the door.
20. Select the console.