Adventure & Action Games

Fighting: Abobo's Big Adventure, Agh Zombies, Agony: the Portal, Alienocalypse, Apokalyx, Arkandian Crusade, Arkandian Revenant, Armed With Wings, Arnes de Mano, Bandido's Desert, Barbarian, Battle Beavers, Battle in Megaville, Battle Shift, Bee Commando, Bitejacker, Body Ladder, Boss Bash, Braids Neon, Bullet Time, Bumper Duel, Bunny Kill 5, Champions of Chaos, Chaos Faction, Chaos of Mana, Crazy Flasher 3, Crazy Flasher 4, Crazy Knight, Crunchdown, Cyber Hell 2: i4AI, Cyber Hell 3, Dodge Brawl, Double Edged, Dragon Fist 3, Drastic Plastic, Electric Man 2, Elsyium Man, Epic Battle Fantasy, Epic Battle Fantasy 2, Epic Battle Fantasy 3, Faith Fighter, Fear Unlimited 2, Fear Unlimited Arena, Fight for Glorton, Fightman, Final Fight, Flash Bash, Freeball, Freeball 2, Funky Samurai Typing, Gates vs Jobs, Gladicus Zero, Greedy Ghouls, Hack Slash Crawl, Halloween Beatdown, Hammer Ball, Heaven or Hell, Heavy Pawnage, Help the Hero, Hobo Brawl, Hobo Prison Brawl, Hot Blood Boxing, Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade, Iron Shinobi, Ivan Drago, Jelly Battle, Jingle Ballistical, Joy World, K Fed, Kill the Boss, King of Fighters, King of Fighters Wing, Knights Castle, Kung Fu Election, Kung Fu Remix, Legend of the Void, Matrix Pandemonium, Matrix Rampage, Matrix Rampage 2, Mobs Down, Monsters' Den Chronicles, Mouse Megatron, Munchkin Fight, Newgrounds Rumble, Ninja Brawl, Ninja Hamsters vs Robots, Ninja Ninja, Ninja Showdown, Ninjotic Mayhem, Political Duel, Powerfox, Powerfox 3, Power Fox 4, Raptek: Arena, Ravage, Rely on Relics, Robodome, Rocket Man, Savior Battle, Skirmish, Snowfight 3, Soakamon, Steamlands, Steamlands Player Pack, Steelcurse, Stick Brawler, Stick Trinity, Stick Trinity 2, St. Pattack, Straw Hat Samurai, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter Flash, Stretchy Man, Super Pico All Stars, Super Playboy, Super Samurai Sweeper, Super Smash Flash, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DD, There Is Too Many, The Test That Kill, This Bunny Kills 4 Fun, Tiny Squad, Trigger Knight, Tsunami Fighter, Ultimate Crab Battle, Ultimate Robotnik Duels, Ultimate Santa Battle, Ultimate Tactics, Unreal Flash, Unreal Flash 2007, Urban Jungle Rumble, War Machines, Way of Exploding Stick, Zombie Knight, Zombies Mice Annihilation, Zombocalypse, All Fighting.

First Person Shooter (Sniper): 13 Days in Hell, 2112 Cooperation Chapter 1, 2112 Cooperation Chapter 2, 2112 Cooperation Chapter 3, 2112 Cooperation Chapter 4, 9 Dragons Sniper, Alien Slayer 3D, Arsenal 2, Bad Condition, Barcode Bedlam, Battle Garden, Blazing Squad, Bloodshed, Bloody Day, Bloody Day 2, Breakpoint, Bulwark 53, Bunny Bounty, Call of Duty 2, Camper Strike, Carnival Shooter, Carveola incident, Cat-a-Pult, Chav Hunter, Cigarette Killer, Clear Vision, Clear Vision 2, Counter Strike Flash Boom, Counter Strike Lite, Crazy Kimono Doll Assault, Deadeye Logun, Dead Zed, Deanimator, Death Call, Desert Rifle, Flash Strike, Fortress Guardian, Gun Game, Gun Game 2, Hearts, Hitstick, Hitstick 2, Hitstick 3, Hitstick 4, Hitstick 5, Hostel 2, Insectonator, Insectonator: Zombies, JVC Stinger Sniper, Keypad Kaos, Kitten Game, Last Bullet, Love Overdose, Magical Unicorn Rainbow Magic, Major Madness, Marksmen, Maw, More Mindless Violence, Night of the Snowmen, Onslaught, Ownage Burst Demo, Palisade Guardian, Palisade Guardian 2, Palisade Guardian 3, Panda: Tactical Sniper, Panda: Tactical Sniper 2, Police Sniper 1, Police Sniper 2, Rambo Brothers, Rebound, Rebound 2, Robot War, Santa Strike, Scope Assault, Scope: First Blood, Sharp Trigger, Shelf Sniper, Sierra 7, Sift Heads, Sift Heads 1: Remasterized, Sift Heads 2, Sift Heads 4, Sift Heads 5, Sift Heads Assault, Sift Heads Assault 2, Sift Heads: Ultimatum, Sift Heads World: Act 1, Sift Heads World: Act 2, Sift Heads World: Act 3, Sift Heads World: Act 4, Sift Heads World: Act 5, Sift Heads World: Act 6, Sift X-Mess, Smoking Kills, Snap Shooter, Snipedown, Sniper, Sniper Game, Snipers, Sniper School, Sniper Year One, Sniper Year Two, Spa Saga, Split Second, Stickman Madness, Stickman Madness 2, Stick Shootout, Strangers, Strangers 2, Strangers 3, Super Cops: Targets, SWAT 2, Tactical Assassin, Tactical Assassin 2, Tactical Assassin: Substratum, Target Barbarossa, Target Mania, The Cyborg, The Handy Man, The Hills Have Eyes 2, The Last Stand, The Last Stand 2, This Is Why You Are Fat, Time Bomb 90 Second, Tom and Jerry in Refriger-Raiders, Toxie Radd 3D, Tracker, Trouble on the Way, Vinnie's Shooting Yard, Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2, Vinnie's Shooting Yard 3, Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4, Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5, Warthog Rampage, Wasteland 2154, Wild Wild West, Zoo-Preme Accuracy, All First Person Shooter (Sniper).

Platform: 100% Complete, 100th, 42 Game, 5X Man, Achievement Unlocked, Achievement Unlocked 2, Acorn Story, Adventures of Gyro Atoms, Adventures Of Gyro Atoms 2, Adventure Story, Aether, Agnry Faic 2, A Good Hunch, Air Battle, Alex in Danger, Aliens Kidnapped Betty, Alkie Kong 2, All That Matters, Alter, Amazing Photon 3, Amberial, Amberial Axis, Amberial: Nebulosa Realms, Andrew the Droid, Another Cave Runner, Applez, Arzea, As I Lay Dying, Attack of The Heavenly Bats, Avalanche, Avatar Elemental Escape, Ball in Troubles, Balls in Space, Bango, Barrage, Bearboy and the Cursor, Beaver Conquest, Best Friends Forever 3, Bill the Demon, Black n Orange, Blackwood: Prologue, Bob the Robber, Bomber Chomp, Bomb Jack, Bounce, Bouncy the Ball, Bow Adventure, Box Clever, Brave Chicken, Breach, Brick Square Head, Bright in the Screen, Bright in the Screen CLNR, Brutal, Bug Bug in Sky Tower, Bullet the Bounty Hunter, Bunnerific, Burn Stuff and Die, Cactus McCoy, Cactus McCoy 2, Camera Chaos, Canopy, Captain Blox: Lost Coins, Captain Fugly, Castlecat 2, Casus, Cave Chaos, Cave Escaper, Caveman, Caveman in Prehistoric, Cave Puzzles: A Gift, Charlie Likes Strawberries, Chibi Knight, Chisel, Chisel 2, Chronotron, Circle Runner, Cloud Climber, Cloud Jumper, Cloud Tower, Coin Hunt, Cola Bear Float, Coma, Company of Myself, Continuity, Cooperation, Crate Escape, Crazy Flasher X Running, Crazy Nut, Crazy Over Goo, Crumpled, Cuboy: Hot Pants, Culmination, Cutesy Platformer, Dale and Peakot, Danny Phantom, Das Boom, Diamond Hollow, Diamond Hollow 2, Dillo Hills, Dino Shift, Dobble, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Arcade Returns, Donkey Kong Arcade Returns 2, Don't Look Back, Doodle, Dot Games, Double Panda, Double Trouble, Dough Bro, Dragon Gem, Duck and Hover, Duplicator, e7, Eco Jungle, Eenie Bounce, Elevation, Elevation 2, Endeavor, Enigma, Enough Plumbers, Escape from Nightmare, Escape the Paparazzi, Escape the Red Giant, Eternal Red, Evilbots Reloaded, Fade, Fafu the Ostrich, Fancy Pants Adventure, Fancy Pants Adventure 2 (Demo), Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2, Farafalla, Fault Line, Final Ninja, Final Ninja Zero, Fire and Frost, Firebug, Fire Child, Fire Ninja Girl, Fishbane, Five, Fixation, Flagman, Flea, Flood Runner 2, Flood Runner 3: Armageddon, Flood Runner 4, Flubber Rise, Flying Platypus, Forest Brat, Forklift Kid, Frog Dares, Furfur and Nublo, Future Runner, Fuzzy McFluffenstein, Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2, Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3, Game Game 6, Gates of Logic, Georganism, Ghosts Stole My Puppy, Gives Trees a Chance, Go, Go Go Plant 2, Goin Up, Go Squirrel Go, Go to Hell, Gravinaytor, Gravity Master, Green Moon Lab, Greens Survive, Grey, G Switch, Gunpowder and Feathers, Hack n Sushi, Hammer Online, Hans Coldy, Hash, Heart Hop, Helio Adventures, Helio Adventures Reloaded, Hello Worlds, He-Man: Lair of the Slime Mutant, Hey Wizard, High Risk Rescue, Hippo's Feeder, Home Sweet Halogen, Horse Run, Hoverbot 2, How to Make A Game, Huje Adventure, Human Evolution, Hunted Forever, Hurry Up Bob, Hurry Up Bob 2, Hyper Square, Ice Temple, Ignito Pulse, Imbossible, In Another Chateau, Indiana Jones, Infinite Mario Bros., Invertion, Invisible Runner, I Saw Her Standing There, Jack in the Box, Jamal, James the Circus Zebra, James the Pirate Zebra, James the Space Zebra, Jelly Escape, Jellyman, Jet Boost, Jetbot, Jetpac: The Remake, Jump, Jumping Bananas, Jumping Jim, Karoshi, Katatsumuri, Killbot, KillerSims's Gravity 2, Kill Me, King Story, Kiwitiki Flower Paradise, Koopa's Revenge, Kung Fu Attack, Labscape, Lars' Adventure, Leap of Faith, Legends of Kong, Lemtris, Life of a Hero, Lint, Little Life, Little Loki, Look Out Mr Johnson, Mad Bombs, Mad Bombs 2, Madda Cheeb, Mad Vlad 2, Magic Pink Man 2, Magnet Face, Making Monkeys, Malichite, Manifold, Mario Adventure 2, Mario Combat, Mario Combat Deluxe, Mario Star Catcher 2, Mario Time Attack, Mario World, Mashhouse, Maverick, Maze Runner, Meat Boy, Mega Mash, Mighty Spidy, Mind Bender, Mindscape, Mission to Mars, Mister Fox, Mofro, Mole's Quest 2, Monkey Manic, Monolith's Mario World 2, Monsit, Monster Evolution, Moonstone Madness, Mooo, Moss, Moss 2, Mr. Ball, Mr. Bree: Returning Home, Mr. Walter's Grand Excursion, Muffin the Star Hunter, Muse, Mushroomer, Music in Motion, My Big Friend, Myth Runner, Nelly, Neon Layers, Next Action Frog, Next, Please!, Nimball: Rewind, Ninja Game, Ninja Keys, Ninja Pirate Cave Raid, Ninja Plus, Ninja Plus 2, Ninjufo, Nitro Platform 2, noitcelfeR, NTCreature 2, N - The Way of The Ninja, Number Ninjas, Obnoxius 2, Office Trap, One and One Story, One Button Bob, Oozing Forever, Oran, Orbita, Ovzi: Lost Alien, Ozee, Pacman Platform 2, Pandemonium, Panik in Platform Peril, Panik in Suburbia, Papa Louie, Paper Mario World, Paradox Embrace, Passage of Life, Paws, Pendulums 2, Penguins Can Fly!, Personal Trip to the Moon, Perspective, Pharaoh's Tomb, Photon Baby, P.I.G, Pig Dreams, Pipi the Jumping Bubble, Pixel Knight, Pixel Knight 2, Planet 161, Planet Hopper, Platform Bounce, Poopa Scoopa, Portal Quest, Portal: The Flash Version, Power Rangers, Pretender 1, Pretender 2, Pretender 3, Pretentious Game, Primary, PRIOR, Psychout, Puncho Puncho, Purplenum: Survival, Pursuit of Hat, Qobix, Quibeland, Quickling, Quietus, Rabbit Rustler, Ragdoll Clown, Rainbow, Range Man, Raven, Ray Ardent: Science Ninja, Reach for the Sky, Reachin Pichin, Recoil: Bouncing Spring, Red Ball, Red Ball 3, Redbeard, Rejoin, Relic Rush, Resonance, Retro Pixel Jump, Revert to Growth 2, Robot Adventure, Robots Can't Think, Robot Wants Fishy, Rocket Car, Rock n Risk, Rock n Risk Blitz, Roman Rumble, Rotat Spin, Rover Archer, Runes of Shalak, Run From the Sun, Run Jesus Run, Running Ink, Running Man 2, Running Warrior, Running Wizard, Santa Fartypants, Santa's Deep Freeze, Save The Sheriff, Saving the Company, Scoregamites, Screw Effect, Seeker's Story: Escape, Seppu Kuties, Sharp Storm, Shatter Bot, Shift, Shift 2, Shift 3, Shift 4, Shooter Cannon Runner, Sichiken, Skinny, Sky Island, Skyly, Sky Sailor, Sled Shredding, Sleepless Assassin, Sleepy Stu's Adventure, Slime's Cake Quest (Updated), Slime Smash, Slob, Smiley Jump, Snow Tale, Snow Trouble, Snowy, Space is Key, Spaceman Ace, Space Man Bob's Great Escape, Spider Man 3, Spin Climb, Split Man, Sqr, Square Hero Origins, Squareman, Squareman 2, Squareman 3, Stabika 2: Carnage, Stabika 3: Defiance, Stabika: Episode, Starbound, Star Island, Steampack: Kids Edition, Steer Wheels, Stickicide, Stickicide 2, Stickicide 3, Stochastic, Streets of Fire, Student Park, Super Adventure Pals, Super Big Gun Adventure, Super Chick Sisters, Super Doggy, Super Karoshi, Super Mario BP Oil Spill, Super Mario Flash, Super Mario Flash v 3, Super Mario Hardcore, Super Mario Sunshine 64, Super Mario World Flash, Super Pig, Super Tank, Survival Lab, Survive n Risk, Swindler, Tamus And Mitta, Terrascape, Tetris'd, The Call, The Lost Inca, The Man Who Sold The World, The Squirrel Game, The Suspense, Thief's Escape, This Is The Only Level, This is the Only Level 3, This is the Only Level TOO, Tigsy and the Stars, Tiny Castle, Tiny Dream, Toad Trouble, Topsy Turvy, Tower of Greed, Tower of Heaven, Trap Master, Treetop Trouble, Tuper Tario Tros, Turbo Cyborg Ninja X, Turbo Kids, Uddercover, Ultimate Flash Sonic (Widescreen), Ultimate Sonic Flash, Umbross, Unfair Platformer, Unfinished Shadow Game, Use Boxmen, Verge, Vertical Drop Heroes, Vexation 2, Viridia, Visible 3, Vox Populi Vox Dei, Walk in the Park, Warp Game, Weirdville, Wheels of Salvation, When I Was Young, Wickywoo 2, Wiggi Rush, Wiggis in Flight, William and Sly, William and Sly 2, wOne, wOne 2, World of Dreams, Wrap Attack, Wrath of Anubis 2, You Only Live Once, Yuri: Space Jumper, Zed, Zowie, All Platform.

Run-and-Gun: 299 The Lost Spartan, 3000 AD, 3 Foot Ninja, Absolute Madness, Achilles, Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend, Action Turnip, Adventures of Buttlock, Aetherpunk, Aggressive Attack, Alien Exterminator, Alien Hominid, Alien Showdown, Alpha Sector, Amorphous, A Parting Shot 2, Aqua Slug, Armor Cupid, Armored Fighter, Armored Fighter: New War, Armor Heroes 2, Asshunter, A Stick and His Kitten, Attack of the Zombies, Baby Kicker, Barbarian Bob, Batman, BinB, Bird Smasher 2, B.L.A.C.K., B.L.A.C.K. 2, Black Epoch, Blood Field, Blood Red, Bloody Blades, Bloody Hell, Blot Goes To Hell, Blue Midget Stalker, Bomberman Clone, Bomberman Clone 2, Bomberman Japan, Bomb It 2, Bomb of Brave Boy, Bosley, Bounty Killers, Boxhead, Boxhead 2 Play Rooms, Boxhead: More Rooms, Boxhead: More Rooms (Updated), Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare, Boxhead the Nightmare, Boxhead: The Rooms, Boxhead: Zombie Wars, Boxhead: Zombie Wars (Updated), Brainbot, Bridge Bomber Bus, Brink of Alienation 4: Part 1, Bulwark 53 Part 2, Bunny Charm, Canary, Candy Cane Crisis, Cantankerous Tank, Canyon Shooter, Castlevania, Castlevania: Remix of Blood, Chainsaw The Children, Chaos War 3 Prolog, Clown Killer 2, Collateral Damages, Collector 2: The Nightmare, Combat Heaven, Combat Hero Adventures, Commando Arena, Commissar Betrayal, CQC, CQC Updated, Crazy Bomberman, Creepy Adventure, Cyborg, Dad 'n' Me, Darkbase: Incubation, Darnell's Burn 'Em Up, Daytraders of the Dead, Dead Evil, Dead Frontier: Night One, Dead Frontier: Night Three, Dead Frontier: Night Two, Decision, Deconstructor, Decorrupt the Deforesters, Destroy All Zombies 3, Destroy All Zombies 3.5, Diesel Valkyrie, Divine Intervention, Doktor Fallout, Doomed, Doom Flash, Dragon Sword, Dromad, Dude and Zombies, Effing Machines, Eggstinction, Endless War 3, Endless Zombie Rampage 2, Escape from Helltowers, Evil Marshy Spray, Excited Insects, Fairyland Massacre, Farmer McJoy, Fighting, Final Death Wish, Fire in the Hole 2, Fireman, Fireman: Incoming Storm, Fists of the Meter Maid, Forgotten Rites Alpha, Frag Assault, Fresh Prince, Friday: The Game, Friendly Fire, Gangsta Bean, Gansters, GARE, Genesis Part 1, Ghosts and Goblins, Ghosts and Grenades, Ghost Slasher, Ghoul Academy, Goblins Heart, Go Go Happy and Smile, Graveyard of Drunken Souls, Greedy Pinata, Gunbot, Gun Run, Gunsmoke Helloween, Halloween Game Collab 07, Have a Nice Day, Heavy Metal Girl, Hostage Crisis, Hot LZ, Hoverbot Arena, Huntloween, I Am Zombie, Intruder Combat Training, Intrusion, James Bunny, James the Christmas Zebra, Journey ttcotm, King's Island, Kit and the Octopod, Kitchen of Doom, Knife, Knight, Knight Slasher, Knights of Rock, Konka A66, Kyle Shaw Adventure, Land of the Dead, Lemon Smash, Letum, Light People on Fire, Madness Deathwish 2, Magic Sword, Man Hunt, Mecha Martyr, Mechanical Commando, Mechanical Commando 2, Mecharon, Mecharon 2: Survival, Medieval Rampage, Medieval Rampage 2, Mega Man vs. Metroid, Megaman Project X, Megaman Zero, Mercenaries 2, Metal Fusion, Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2: War Enemy, Metal Slug Stickman, Midnight Strike, Mi Life, Millie and the Frost Rage, Millie Megavolte 3, Mission Impossible, Mobile Weapon Assault, Modern Medieval, Modern Medieval 2, Modifighters: Blast Attack, Moon Sweeper, Mother Judgement, Mr. Schyzo, Munchkin Smasher, Musco Morpha, Nameless, Necrorun, Necrorun 2, Nightmare Kingdom, Nightmare Runner, Night of Million Zombies, Ninja Furenji, Ninja Guiji, Ninja Man, Ninja Quest, Ninja Rinseout, Ninja Turtles, No Comment, No More Reinforcements, Nuclear Plant, Oblivion, Omega Warrior, One Man's Doomsday, One Man's Doomsday 2, Operation: Onslaught, Orc Hunter, Outpost: Haven, Paintball Shootout, Penguinz, Pico of the Dark Ages, Pico's Blam Jam, Pico's Surprise Party, Planet Blirp, Planet Noevo, Power Rangers: Gates of Darkness, Prehistoric, Private Pwn, Project Validus: Survival, Pyromasters, Rage, Rage 2, Rage 3, Rage Arena, Raze, Raze 2, Recoil, Red Baron, Red Code, Red Moon, Red Storm 2: Survival, Rescue Mission 1, Rise of a Knight, Robo Slug, Robo Slug 2, Robot Jim, Robot Legions, Romanius, Romanius 2, Ronin Warrior, Rufus Rescue, Run With Death, Russian Affairs, Sack Smash, Salvo Xmas Version, SAS: Zombie Assault, School Invaders, Shuriken Challenge, Sift Heads: Street Wars, Sift Renegade, Sift Renegade 2, Simpleton, Sin Mark, Small Arms, Smileys War, Snowblaster, Soldier of Pain, Space Bounty, SRAG: Resurrection, Stalingrad Sprint, Stark Raving Ted, Steam Droid, Steam of War, Steam Pilgrim, Stickman Sam 3, Stickman Sam 4, Stick Strike, Stinky Bean, Stranded, Sugar Rush, Super Marco 1, Super Marco 2, Super Marco 3, Super Marco 4, Super Marco 5, Super Monkey Poop Fight, Super Ninja Strike, Super Soldier, Swept to the End, Tank 2007, Tank Destroyer, Tank Patrol, Temple of Death, Terminal, Test Subject Arena 2P, Test Subject Blue, Test Subject Green, The Rise of a King, Thermo Storm, Thing Thing, Thing Thing 2, Thing Thing 3, Thing Thing 4, Thing Thing Arena, Thing Thing Arena 2, Thing Thing Arena 3, This is Madness, TKFB the Game, Toast of War, Tommy Gun, Tornado Button Smashing, Toxie Radd, Toxie Radd 2, Train Robber, Tribe World, UDE, Ultimate Down, Urban Wizard 3, Valkyrie Battlefield, Veteran, Vile Strobo, Warlords: Heroes, Working Stiffs, Worms 1, Worms 2, wpn Fire, Wulfgar, Xantsu: The Awakening, Xevoz Showdown, Year of the Snake, Zombie Horde 3, Zombie Last Night 2, Zombie Madness, Zombies Ate My Phone, Zombie Splatter, Zombies Took My Daughter, Zombie Warfare, Zombified, Zombotron, zOMGies 2, Zomg Zombies, Zorro Tank, Z-Word, All Run-and-Gun.

Simulation: 1066, Aeon Defense, Alien Invasion 2, Aliens, Amea, Anaksha Mini Adventures 2, Animal Raceway, Ant City, Arcuz, Artifission RPG, Baby Hospital, Balloon Town, Better BBQ Challenge, Blockhead The Game, Bloomo: A Submarine Adventure, Book of Mages, Book of Mages: Dark Times, Boom Town, Burger Builder, Burger Restaurant, Burger Restaurant 2, Cardian, Cardinal Quest, Castaway 2, Cave Explorer, Cell Automata, Cell Craft, City Siege, City Siege 2, City Siege 3, Civilizations Wars, Code Master, Coffee Shop, Colony, Community College Sim, Condottiero, Cuboy: Cubeture 2, Cursed Dungeon, Danger Dungeon, Dark War 1, Deadly Neighbors, Deadly Neighbors 2, Detective Grimoire, Dice Mogul Monopoly Clone, Dotville, Dotville Deluxe, Down the Well, Dragon Age: Journeys, Dragon Boy, Dragon Knight, Drawmatiks: Noob Edition, Drunken Masters, Drunkn Puke, Duck Life, Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3: Evolution, Duck Life 4, Dungeon Sweet Dungeon, Dutamasa Battle, Elements of Arkandia, Elevator, Emogotchi 2, Eridani, Ether Of Magic Cards, Family Restaurant, Farm and Grow, Feed Mee, Feudalism, Feudalism 2, Fire in the Hole, First Fantasy, Fizzy Frenzy, Flatbread Express, Gazzoline Deluxe, Genesis, Genghis Khan, Geo Land RPG, Glean, Gone to the Dogs, Guardian Chapter 2, Guild Dungeons, Hands of War 2, Hands of War RPG, Helium 3, Hero RPG, Hero's Arms, Hewitt, High Tea, Hot Dog Bush, How to Raise a Dragon, Humans Are Dead, I Am An Insane Rogue AI, I Can't Afford A Wheelchair, Infantry Covert Operatives, Infantry Covert Operatives 2, Infinite Tower RPG, Innkeeper, Inquisitive Dave, Into Space, irRegularGame of Life, Jambalaya Jazz, Kaleidoscope Reef, Kingdom of Machines, King's League, Kombat Fighters, Ledge, Legend of the Gold Robot, Lemonade Stand, Lemonade World, Linion RPG, Llama Adventure, Lost Sweeper RPG, LRU 2: Domination, LRU 2: Resurrection, Madness Deathwish, Magic and Tactic, Magi: The Fallen World, Majesty of Colors, Mansion Impossible, Mardek RPG 1: Fallen Star, Mardek RPG 1: New Hero, Mass Mayhem 2, Mass Mayhem 3, Math and Magic, McDonald's Video Game, Mega Drill, Mega Miner, Mesiria 3, Microlife, Mobile Weapon Episode 1, Modern Tactics, Modern Tactics 2, Monsters' Den, Monsters' Den: Book of Dread, Monster Slayers, Moroni's March, Motherload, Murloc, Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever, Mushroom Life, Mutate the Lab Rat 2, My Pet Protector, My Pet Protector 2, My Pet Protector 3, Mytheria , Nanny Mania, Necronomicon, Necronomicon 2, Necronomicon: Book of Dead Names, Nice Day, Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2, Ninjas vs Mafia Deluxe, Omelette Chef, Orange Roulette, Orbital Onslaught, Osiris Conflict, Paladin, Pandemic, Pandemic 2, Pandemic: Extinction of Man, Papa's Burgeria, Papa's Freezeria, Papa's Pancakeria, Papa's Pizzeria, Papa's Taco Mia, Papa's Wingeria, Paper Airplane, Paper Pilot, Path of Honor: Chapter 1, Penguin Diner, Pentopuss Soup, Phrozenflame RPG, Pico Sim Date 2, Pingy the Ping Idle RPG, Pizza City, Pizza Shack Deluxe, Pragaras, Project Wasteland, Ragdoll Achievement, Real Estage Mogul, Red Guy, Relic, Relive Your Life, Russisch Terrorist, Sandwich Cooking Game, Seedling, Seven Deadly Sins, Simtown, Sindicate, Smithy's Quest, Snowstar the Musical Penguin, SOL: Dawn, Something Fishy, Sonny, Spectromancer: Truth and Beauty, Spitfire 1940, Squares and Blades, Starcraft Flash RPG, Stick RPG, Strategy Defense, Strategy Defense 2, Super Energy Apocalypse, Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled, Super Manager, Sushi Bar, Sushi Go Round, Talesworth Arena Death Watch, Talesworth Arena Updated, Tealygochi, Telepath: Psy Arena, Telepath RPG 1, Telepath RPG 2, Telepath RPG 2 Demo, Territory War, The Apprentice: Los Angeles, The Day, The Farplane Wars, The Waitress, Toilet King, Torture Chamber 2, Tower's Tactics: Aphelion, Town of Fears, Trash Attack 2, Turn Based Battle, Upgrade Complete, Utopian Mining, Valthirian Arc, Via Sol 2, Villa Village, Void: Mostly Harmless, Vulpin Adventure, Wallace and Gromit: Top Bun, Warp Forest Editor, Wasted Youth, Part 1, Windows Magi SP2, Windows Mista, World Domination 2, Xeno Squad, Youda Camper, Youda Farmer, Youda Marina, Youda Safari, Youda Sushi Chef, Zelda, Zombies, Inc., All Simulation.

All Adventure & Action Games.

Casino & Chance Games

3 Card Poker, 7 Minute Bash, Ace Black Jack, Ask the Spirits 2, Be Unique, Cactus Poker, Caribbean Poker, Casino Blackjack, Craps, Cyber Slots, Deal or No Deal, Deal or No Deal CC, Digital Video Poker, Domino Knight, Flash Five, Governor of Poker, Governor of Poker 2, Governor of Poker 2 SE, Hot Casino Blackjack, Ikoncity Domino, Let It Ride, Lightning, Monster Master, NG Holdem, Nine Doors, Panda Slots, Pass the Pigs, Pokah Jong, Reeelz, Rock Paper Scissors, Roulette, Rock Paper Scissors 25, SD Poker, Shell Game, Sheriff Tripeaks, Speed, Speed Cluster, Speed Cluster 2, Spider Solitaire, TAM Pyramid Challenge, Tam Tower Challenge, Tepiiku, Texas Hold 'em, Ultimate Blackjack, Video Poker, All Casino & Chance Games.

Missile Defender Games

1812 Overture, Abductroids, Ageless War, Age of Defense, Age of Defense 3, Age of Defense 4, Age of War, Age of War 2, Air Defence 3, Alien Invasion, Alien Terminator, Alpha Assault, Alpha Attack, Ambush, Ant Buster, Arachnid Wars 1.5, Arachnophilia, A.R.C.S., Argent Burst, Armed Invasion, Armor Defense, Arrow of Time, Artillery Tower, Art of War, Art of War 2, Art of War 2: Stalingrad Winters, Attack of the Evil Bunny Empire, Attack of the Sprouts, Avatar Fortress Fight, Avatar Fortress Fight 2, Awesome Shooter, Backyard Buzzing, Balloon in a Wasteland, Balloon Invasion, Bat out of Hell, Battalion: Nemesis, Battle Buggy, Battle for Alandria, Battle Gear, Battle Gear 2, Battlemachy: Jade Bandit, Big Tree Defense, Big Tree Top Gun, Bio Bots, Bird Flu, Blast the Iraqis, Bloom Defender, Bloons Tower Defense, Bloons Tower Defense 2, Bloop, Bomb Diver, Bombsquad, Boom Stick, Born of Fire, Boulder Basher, Boulder Cannon, Bowling Alley Defense, Bowmaster Prelude, Brave Kings, Breaking Point, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5, Bug Battle Combat, Bugs, Bug War, Bug War 2, Bunker, Bunny Flags, Bunny Invasion, Bunny Invasion 2, Bunny Invasion: Easter Special, Burger Defense, Cannon Alone, Cannon Bods, Cannon Chaos, Cannons of Night, Canyon Defense, Carious Weltling, Castaway Island TD, Castle Clout, Castle Draw, Castle Guardian, Castle Hero, Castle Keeper, Atari Castles, Cat God vs Sun King, Catnarok: Longcat Rampage, Centipede, Centrifuge, Champion, Clash 'n' Slash 2, Click Bang Pow, Clock Mow Down, Clockwords: Prelude, Colony Defenders, Color Defense, Command and Defend, Commander's Sister, Competitor, Corporate Wars, Corporate Wars: Second Wind, Craqua, Create Your Own Tower Defense 3, Creeper World 2: Academy, Creeper World Training Sim, Crops vs Cogs, Crush the Castle, Crush the Castle 2, Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack, Crush the Castle: Players Pack, Crystal Defense, Cube Tower, Cursed Treasure, Cursed Treasure: Level Pack, Curse Village, Damn Birds, Dead Tree Defender, Defend Atlantis, Defender, Defend Level 60 V2, Defend Lock Legion, Defend the Ashes, Defend Your Dirt, Defend Your Honor, Defend Your Keg, Defend Your Nuts, Defend Your Picnic, Defend Your Temple 2, Defense 1943, Deflector, Delivery Man, Demons Took My Daughter, Desert Outpost Defense, Desert Rumble, Desktop Tower Defense, Desolate Defense, Destructo Tanks, Detonate, Detonate 2, Dinosaurs and Meteors, Don't Panic, Doodle Defender, Doodle Defender 2, Dot Blocker, Dr Compactor, Droids at the Gates, Drone Wars, Dry Fire, Duty Hill, Dynasty War, Egg and Ghost, Elemental Turret Defense, Elite Forces: Clone Wars, Elite Forces: Conquest, Elite Forces: Warfare, Elite Forces: Warfare 2, Ellipsis, Elv is Black 2, Empire Island, Empires of Arkeia, Endless War: Defense, Endless Zombie Rampage, Enigmata: Stellar War, Epic Friends, Epic Stand, Epic War, Epic War 2, Epic War 3, Epic War 4, Epic War 5, Expendables 2, Explorer, Eye Defense, F2Jam The Music Game, Final Fortress, Final Tank, Fish Truck, Flash Circle Tower Defense, Flash Element Tower Defense, Flash Element Tower Defense 2, Flash Empires 3, Flippy Attack 2, Fortress Magnus, Friendly Fire TaD, Fujitsu Defender, Fur Eyes Base Defense, Garden Inventor, Gem Craft, Gem Craft Chapter 0, Gem Defender, Germageddon, Germicide Tower Defense, Get Off My Lawn, Ghost Hacker, Ghost of the Midnight Castle, Glissaria, Global Defense System, Go Flower Grow, Granny Strikes Back, Grey Wars Tower Defense, Guardian Popon, Hands of War Tower Defense, HELIC, Heli Invasion, Heli Invasion 2, Helix Defense, Helix Defense 2, Heroestick, Hit Fight 2, Horrors from Planet 10, Humaliens Battle, Hungry Are the Dead, Iconien, Imminent, Imminent 2: Resilience, Indestructo Copter, Infection, Ink Battle, Invasion Tactical Defense, iR obot, Ixil, Jelly Castle, JRPG Defense, JRPG Defense: Age of Sieges, Keeper of the Grove, Kids vs Ice Cream, Kill the Chickens, Kill the Heroes, Kingdom Crusher, Kingdom of the Wind, Kingdom Rush, Kitty Dodge Bowl, Kush Revamped, Last Frontier, Last Village, Leave Cthulhu Alone, LeekClock Vs ClockCrew, Little Protectors, Long Way, Lord of War, Lunar Command, MAD, Madness Combat Defense, Maggotz, Magic Smash Hammer, Magnetic Defense, Marine Bomb, Mario World Overrun, Mars Commando, Massacre Street, Massive War, Mastermind: World Conqueror, Matriarch, Medieval, Meteo, Meteor Bomber, Methus Tower Defense, Mexican Chronicle, Minecraft Tower Defence 2, Minecraft Tower Defense, Miragine War, MIRC, Missile Commando, Missile Strike, Mission Mars, Momentum Missile Mayhem, Momentum Missile Mayhem 2, Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Updated, Momentum Missile Mayhem 3, Momentum Missile Mayhem 4, Monster Castle: Level Pack, Monster Mowdown, Monsters TD, Moon Type, Mouse Under Siege, Mushroom Madness, Mushroom Madness 3, Mushroom Revolution, My Little Army, Nano Kingdoms, Nano War 2, Nano Wars, Nazi Defender 2, Necropolis Defense, Neon 2.5, Neonium, Next Floor, Night Strike, Ninja Hunter, Ninja Hunter: Blood Moon, Nob War: The Elves, Obliterate Everything, Octobubble, Orbital Decay, Orbit Defense, Panic, Paper War, Para Spammer, Paratrooper, PC.DEfense, Penguins Attack 2, Phage Wars, Phage Wars 2, Phoenix, Pirate Defense, Pirateers!, Pirates of the Stupid Seas, Planet Juicer, Planet War 2, Pocalypse Defense, Pocket Creature, Pop-Up Man, Pothead Zombies, Pothead Zombies 2, Prince of War 2, Protector, Protector 3, Protector 4, Protector IV.V, Protector: Reclaiming the Throne, Purplenum: Survival 3, Puzzle Defense, Quadrobarrel Defence, Qwerty Warriors, Qwerty Warriors 2, Radial, Radio Zed, Raft Wars, Ragdoll Invaders, Rainbow Blitz, Random Defense, Red, Red Storm Defense, Retroish Purple Skies, Rise of Pirates, Robotic Emergence, Robot Territories, Santa's Tower, Savior Tower Defense, Scrap Metal Heroes, Sea of Fire, Selective Exposure, Shadez: Black Operations, Shape Invasion, Shattered Colony, Shell Core Command, Shock Defense, Siege Of Theldale, Siege Tank Defense, Siegius, Sky Defender: Joe's Story, Sky Invasion, Smash, Snipr 2, Snipr 3, Snipr 4, Snow Runs Red, Space Age, Space Craft, Space Game, Space Invaders Retro, Space Pirates TD, Spelling Scramble, Spitwad, Star Baron, Starcraft 2008, Star Defender 4, STAR Defense, Star Dominion, Star Forge, Star Obelisc, Stick Defense, Stickman Madness 3, Stick War, Stitchland Conflict, Storm Astrum Defense, Storm the House 2, Storm the House 3, Storm Winds, Storm Winds 1.5, Storm Winds: Lost Campaigns, Strategy Defense 3, Strategy Defense 3.5, Strategy Defense 4, Strategy Defense 5, Substitute, Super Hyber Doze, Super Mario Defense, Super Spider, Tank Defense, Tank Wars, The Aquatory, Them Coconuts, The Summoning, They Came From Space, They Return from Space, Throw Ancient Stuff, Time Assault, Tower: Heart in Glass, Towering Forever, Toys vs Nightmares, Trafalgar Origins, Treasure of Cutlass Reef, Tripod Attack, Tur3t Duhfenz, Turret Defense, Turret Defense 2, Twin Botz, Two Three, Typing Defense, Typing Game Collection, UFO Attack, UFO Invader, Ultimate Defense, Ultimate Defense 2, Ultranought, Vector Boom, Vector Conflict: The Siege, Vehicle Tower Defense, Villainous, Virus, VR Defender Y3K, Vurus Spillet, Warfare 1917, Warfare 1944, Warfare Transporter, Warlords: Call to Arms, Warzone Tower Defense, Water Bomb, When Penguins Attack, When The Plague Came, Whiteboard Tower Defense, Whoopass, Witch Hunt, Wizard Defense, Wizard Walls, World Defense, Xeno Defense, Xeno Tactic, Xeno Tactic 1.3, Zack's Hardware, Zelda Invaders, Zelda Invaders 2, Zombie Assault, Zombie Baseball, Zombie Mayhem, Zombies In Your Backyard, Zombie Situation, Z-Wars, All Missile Defender Games.

Mouse & Quick Reflex Games

15 in 43, 30 Seconds, Absinthe: La Fee Verte, Aeternus Lamnia Duo, Ahiru Survival, Angry Faic Lift, Armor Trigger, Baby Chute Puke Edition, Balance, Ball Lifting, Ball Throw, Bashing Pumpkins, Bash the Computer, Bat and Mouse 2, Battle Field, Bean, Bee Way, Big Bubble, Blob Farm, Block and Ladder, Blues Big Bangs, Boss Stamp, Brain Force, Brawl Royale, Breeder, Bug Hunt, Bullet Time Reaction, Camera Man, Cap'n Zappy, Carnival, Carpet Tugger, Defend Your Castle, Cat Fling, Choreographer, Claque Beignet, Click Fast, Click Fest 4, Cockroach Slapper, Cookie Cutter Twisted, Crazy Castle, Creepy Neverland Ranch, Cursor 10, Cursor Chaos, Debugger, Demo Man, Demonic Defense 3, Dental Damage, D-Fence, D-Fence 2, Dino Babies, Diplo Slapper, DJ Fest 2, Doeo, Drunk Klunk, Effing Hail, Elephant Throw, Elf Quilibrium, Escape From Clowncatraz, Farm Bee, Firework Frenzy, Fly Sui, Fly Swatter, Fool Yoo, Four Second Firestorm, Four Second Frenzy, Friendly Smash Bot, Frog Pond, Gung-Ho, Hardboiled, Heave and Throw, Hit the Looser, Hold Your Drink, Home Drunk Run, Infect Evolve Repeat, Japanese Jello, Katamari Damacy, Keep It Up 2, Keyboard Mayhem, Keyboard Smash, Klikwerk, Let's Operate, Madness Reaction Time, Mole Hunter 2, Morplee, Moth Stapler, Mouse Click Jumper, Muscle Man, Naked Melee, Nerve Jangla, Ninja Glove, Nucleus Jump, Numballs, Ocean Explorer, Office Lover Kiss, Paint Wars, Para Jumper, Peerflix Papparazi, Perfect Shot, Photo King, Playing Field 2, Popup Killer XP, Promnesiac, Pup Idol, Pyrotec, Pyrotec 2, Ragnarok: Bat Hunter, Record Tripping, Rezolution Dodge, Rlax, Rodeo, R Shot, Rugger Bugger, Save the Army, School Lover Zap, Schwing State, Seek Number, Sewer Escape, SFTD Minigame, Simsi, Slap the Nerd, Slash Em, Small, Smokin Barrels, Spank the Monkey, Spike: A Love Story, Storm The House, Super Robostruction, Tabuto: Falling Cards, Tap Tap 2, Tested on Animals, Tilt 2, Tilt and Balance, Traffic Control 3D, Trick or Treat Extreme, Turbocharged Penguins, Turnip Hunter, Unicycle, Unique, Van Jellies Balance, What a Fart!, Wheel of Misfortune, Witches' Brew, All Mouse & Quick Reflex Games.

Obstacle & Skill Games

Catch: Amazing Dare Dozen, Apple Girl, Bakuhatsu Panic, Balance Balls 2, Bomb Catcher 2, Candy Girl, Catch It, Corpsey's Christmas Feast, Croc O Snack, Eenie Balance, Epic Riffs, Ever Rising Water, Falling Cats, Fried Rice, Kablammo, Last Egg Standing, Mayhem in the Skies, Mission at Dawn, Morsel Mania, Parachute Retro, Pumpkin Man 2, Raining Fruit Cloud, Sunburn, Terminate, All Catch.

Grow & Collect: 10 Second Rush, 60 Seconds Til Graduation, 8 Bit Junkie, Abduction, Abstracta, Alien Abductions, Amoeba, Amoeba Dragger, Angry Faic, Apartheid, Arrow Tag, Asteroid Miner, Ball Crush, Ballside, Ball Toucher, Big Head Pacman, Bit Crusher, Box 3, BR's Free Fall, Bubble Game, Bubbles, Bubbles 2, Bugs Are Coming, Catch 51, Collector, Color Ball 2, Color Defense, Combo, Coolio Beat 2, Cosmic Crunch, Critical Mass, Cubix Collect, Death Worm, Deep Sea Diver, Dodge 'em 2, Dots, dr3i, dr3i 2, Dream Catcher, Duckstazy, Easter Egg Hop, Epidemic, Evolution Squared, Extinct, F2Jam 3, Fantastic Treasures, Feed n Frenzy, Feed n Frenzy Blue Custom, Feel the Beat, Filler, Filler 2, Fill It, Fill the Sky with Stars, Firefighter, Firefly, Fish, Fishy, Fishy Sea, Flux, Flying Piggy Bank, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Fooix, Frog It 2, Frozen Motion, Funny Buttons, Furiko Neko, Galaxy, Get the Rings, Gold Miner, Go Saddam Go, Grammachnophobia, Grand Theft Grotto, Gravitas, Guarded Garden, Guitar Geek, Guru Guru Neko, Highway to Bunny Heaven, Holy Cow, Hoover Fusion Frenzy, Hungry Space, Hungry Space 2, Icy Evade, Innards, Insurgo, Iso Infected, Jackhammer Rampage, James the Deep Sea Zebra, Jazzy Ragdoll, Jellyfish, Jelly Jumper, Jetpack Jerome, Jewel Thief, Jumping Jelly Beans, Jungle Destruction, Kill the Pacman, King of Air Guitar, Ladybug, Light Sprites, Lil Jose's Build-a-Bot, Linkaball, Mad Shark, MaKu The Rain Cloud, Marbles, Marbyl, Maze Man 2, Mercury Drops, Microbe Kombat, Mind Impulse, Moby Dick, Moby Dick 2, Monochrome Shapes, Moolga, Music Catch, Music Catch 2, Nicolay Ball, Nodes, Nodes 2, Nominite, Noname Game, Nuclear Eagle, Omega Box, Ongaku, Orb Attack, Orbis Impetus, Orbital, Orboros, Pac, Pacman, Pacman 3D, Pacman Flash, Pac Xon, Paint it Red 2, Parachute Plunder, Parassault, Pick of Destiny, Pick of Destiny 2, Pixel Bomb, Pixel Bomb 2, Planet Basher, Planet Basher 2, Planet Cruncher, Plankton Life, Plankton Life 2, Pogo, Prismatic, Pyoro, Radius, Rainbogeddon , Rat Maze 2, Reel Gold, Repli Cat, Revolution, Rhythm Fireworks, Rhythm Fireworks 2, Robotic Fishy, Rock Rush, Rock Rush: Classic I, Rock Rush: Classic II, Rock Rush: Classic III, Rock Rush: Undervaults, Rumble Ball, Rumble Ball 2, Rumble Ball 3, Rumble Ball 4, Santa What, Shadow Snake, Shark, Shark Mountain, Shrink, Shrink 2, Skeleton Park, Smiley's Invasion 2, Sober Santa 2, Soulmaster, Space Hunter, Spectrodisc, Speed Roll, Sphere Runner, Spider Bugs, Spider X, Spider X 2, Sprocket Rocket, Sproing Reloaded, Squares Revamped, Star Blaster, Star Splash, Star Stalker, Star Swing, Stellar Hunter, Stellar Hunter 2, Stork Shot, Super Crazy Guitar 2, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4, Super Fishing, Superstar Combo, Tanaka's Friends, Tasty Planet, Tasty Planet: Dino Time, The Bounce, The Game, Tiger Moth, Time 4 Cat, Torture Chamber, Touch the Bubbles 3, Touch the Core, Treasure Seas Inc, Troglodite, Tumbler, UFO Eat, UFO Mania, Ultimate Pie Theft, Virus Panic, Vivirion, Xonix3D, X-Treme Tugboating, Youda Fairy, Zelda Pacman, Zelda: Poe Catcher, All Grow & Collect.

Guide & Avoider: 360 Space Ball, 3D Ball Drop, 5 Keys, Acid Labyrinth, Adorninho Against Tsunami, Air Ball, Alcazar, Alphabet Stacker, Anima, Ant Arena, Astrum, Avalanche Spike, Avoid Poseidon's Wrath, Avoision, Ball of Madness, Ball Revamped 5: Synergy, Ball Revamped: Duo, Barrow, Basic Mouse Puzzle 4, Bear Bound, Bee Dodger, Blobink, Blobink 2, Boring Game, Bounce 2, Bounce Xtream, Box Dodge Fury, Break In, Bumper Craft, Bup Review, Buried Alive, Cannon Blaster, Cannon Blaster 2, Cannon Blaster 3, Capsules, Car Chaos, Cargo Bridge, Cargo Bridge 2, Cave Escape 2, Chicky Fly, Classroom, Classroom 2, Classroom 3, Click Maze 2, Cloud Dodger, Coconudge, Coil, Color Ball, Color Follower, Compulse, Contour, Crazy Graviton Beta, Crumbled, Crumbled 2, Cube, Cursor Killer, Cursors and Co, Dance of the Robots, Dark Cut, Dark Cut 2, Dark Cut 3, Dark Melt, Date Dash, Death Dice Overdose, Deflection, Descent, Destroy the World, Distopix, Dodge Balloon 2, Dodge the Balls, Dodging Circles, Don't Let Go, Drag the Dot, Draw a Game, Draw a Line, Draw Bounce, Draw It, Draw Then Play, Draw Then Play 2, Draw then Play 3, Drift, Driller, Egg Way, Elastattack, Elasticity, Electric Bar, Elements, El Emigrante, Endless Migration, Epsilon, Escape from Camp Hostility, Evasion 2, Extreme Particle Suite, Falldown, Falling Forever, Five Finger Fillet, Follow the Line, Formation, Frogger, Frustra Bit, Frustration Game, Frustration Game 2, Futurecade, Gem Grab, Gifts Pusher, Going Up, Gravity 2, Gravity Atom, Gravity Orb, Gravity Pinball, Gravity Pinball 2, Grid 16, Gyro Ball, h4xx0r Knight, Hellbound, High Roller, Hi Roads, Holiday Hoser, Hop to the Top, Hyper Sphere, Inertia, Invisible Cursor, Invisible Gauntlet, Invisible Mouse, Jetpakz, Juggle Line, Kax, Kinetikz, Kinetikz 2, Kondense, Koopa Avalanche 2, Last Element, Lazer Beamz, Light Cut, Line Game, Line Game: Orange, Lines, Line Tracer, Lockehorn, Lunatic, Magic Pen, Magic Pen 2, Magma Mayhem, Mesmemarble, Metaphysik, Microbe Chain, Mighty Red Orb, Mirrored Maze 3, Mouse Avoider 2008, Mouse in Danger, Mouze Maze, Multitask, Multitask 2, Music Smash, Music Stomp, Music Zap, Nanopath, Navigate Robots, Neko Juppiki, Neko Tuna, Nudge, Nuke Me, Obey the Game, Oh the Huge Manatee, One Level Game, Orange Block, Orange Rotation, Orange Runner, Orb Avoider, Oshidama, Overhead: Consistence, Package the Monsters, Pactime, Paintball, Paper Pug, Particles, Peeball, Pet Feeder, Pirate's Last Adventure, Pixel Field, Planet Runner, Plasmax, Plumet, Poom, Power Vacuum, Prista, Pumpkin Man, Purple Pill, Ragdoll Avalanche, Ragdoll Avalanche 2, Ragdoll Avoider, Ragdoll Course, Ragdoll Laser Dodge, Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2, Ragdoll Master, Ragdoll Ricochet, Reverse, Reverse 2, Rhythm Day, Rollball, Rollercoaster Creator, Rolley Ball, Rose, Rotavios, Roy Avoid, Run Soldier Run, School Bus Frenzy, Scramball, Scramball 2, Scriball, Scribble, Scribble 2, Scribble States, Security, Shape Escape Extended, Shaper, Shape Trace, Ship Loader, Shodge, Shop Lifter, Silly Sausage, Sketch It, Ski Runner, Ski Runner 2, Skywire, Snow Line, SOD 3, Soul Quest Plus, Space Worms, Spectre, Spectrum Genesis, Spin Soar, Spirit Guide, Splitty Adventures, Splitty Adventures 2, Spy, Squeezed, Stair Fall, Star Box, Star Navigator, Streamline, Super Briefcase, Swinger, Tattoo Artist, TBA, TBA 2, Techno Surff, The Bank Robber, The Orb Game, The Orb Game 2: Revenge, Tilt 3D, Trafficator 2, Trap Draw, Treasure of the Castle, Triangles, Truck Loader 2, Truck Loader 3, Turtlerun, Twiddle Stix, Twist, UFO Mission, Ultimate Assassin 2, Ultimate Assassin 3, Ultimate Assassin 3: Level Pack, Ultimate Goal, Valo Tracer, Velocity, Virus, Vital Movement 2, Wiggi Fire Mission, Wiggi Woods, World's Hardest Game, Zing, Zuperman, All Guide & Avoider.

Lander: Asteroid Lander, Balls Up, Bionicle Kongu, Blob Lander, City Jumper, Freeze Lifter, Hanna in a Choppa, Hanna in a Choppa 2, Lander 2, Lunar Lander, Lunar Lander Flash, Mk5 Work Bot, Monkey Lander, Morgan Moon, Planet X, Starship Eleven Deluxe, Star Ship Seven, UFO Joe, Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension, All Lander.

Pang: Angel Pang, Bubble Trouble, Granny's Garden, Panda Pang, Atari Pang, Pang 2004, Pang Flash, Panic Bomb, Panic Pang, Panik Plays Pop, All Pang.

Snake Games: Axon, Battle Snake, Fl Tron 2, Hebi, Radial Snake, RADiancE, Scarfit, Snake 3D, Snake Runner, Synix, Worm War, ZSnake, All Snake Games.

Tunnel: 3D Tunnel, A Crow in Hell, Air Drop, Arcane Castle, Arctic Showdown, Asteroid Blaster, Ball-a-Track, Bang Adventure, Blokko, Bug on a Wire, Bullet Bill, Bullet Bill 2, Cake Walk, Cave of Death, Cave of Despair, Color Smash, Cosmic Fozmik, Cosmo Cabs, Crazy Ball, Cubefield, Don't Touch, Double Wires Spiderman, D-Tunnel, Emperor's Mad Dash, Emperor's Mad Dash 2, Fitted, Free Fall, Gekido, Golden Clock Space Speeder, Grav Trip, Ham Game, Hanger, Hanger 2, Helicopter, Hook Shot, Iron Ranger, J Slalom, Marvin Spectrum, Metro Siberia PP, Missile Game 3D, Mouse 1.0, No Landing Zone, Pendulumeca, Pleiades, Pleiades: The Old Tale, Pol, Pushies Plus 2, Pushies Plus 2 v2, Rainbow Spider, Red Wire, Rubble Racer, Run Run, Sewer Slide Fury, SF Cave, SF Cave 3D, Ski 2000, Slow Motion, Sneak Attack, Soap Bubble, Space Avoider 2, Space Runner, Spiderman City Raid, Spin Swim, Squadron Angel, String Avoider, String Avoider 2, String Avoider Deluxe, Tadpole, Teddy Goes Swimming, Tenta Drill, Through the Machine, All Tunnel.

All Obstacle & Skill Games.

Other Games

Chain Reaction: 10 Bullets, Atomic Kaos, Atomic Kaos 2: Orbits, Atomz, Atomz 2, Ball Drop, Ball Drop One, Blast Master, Bomb A Bomb, Bombs 2, Boomshine, Chain Reaction Game, Chaos Reactor, Chaos Theory, Chickaboom, Doctor A. Tom, Flying Candy, Goosplosion, Happy New Year, Icy Fishes, Icy Gifts, Kamikaze Pigs, Nuclearoids, Polygonal Fury, Popballoons, Pretty Pretty Bang Bang, Reaction Effect, Roadkill Revenge, Robot Reaction, Smiley Showdown, Watermelon Bomb, Xrossfire, All Chain Reaction.

Cursor: A Cup of Cursors, Arc, Curse Those Cursors, Cursor Crazy, Cursors of the Future, Effect Crazy, Fireworks, Halloween Cursorized, Mouse FX, Mouse FX 2, Par Box, Par Box 2, All Cursor.

Dressup: Adeshra Character Creator, Christmas Sigworminator Dressup, Dressup Yoda, Hipster Dress Up, Jack O'Lantern Maker, Make a Tonberry 2 , Mecha Dress Up, Pimp My Sleigh, Simpsomaker 2, Simpson Maker, Slug Designer, Snowman Maker, Sonic Scene Creator 4, Sonic Scene Creator 5, South Park Creator, Super Ningyo Maker, All Dressup.

Toy & Deity: Alchemical Musick, Attractors 3, Choose Your 2012, Chuck Norris Fact Generator 2, Derecho, Destrocity, Dopewars, Effing Worms, Effing Worms 2, Falling Girl, Hustler, Ignite People on Fire, Interactive Buddy, Jedi Trainer, Jive Machine, Kill Crazy Jay, Kill Dave, Lil Einstein's Manhattan Project, Line Runner, Music Quest, Particle Playground, Pencil Madness, Puppet Boy, Quick Sand, Quick Sand Hell, Quick Sand Pyro, Quick Sand Pyro 2, Quick Sand X, Reimagine the Game Game, Replaying the Game Game, Sim Synthesizer, Sketchbook, Slap Him!, The Game Game, Wireframe Skeleton, Wrath, Wrath 2, All Toy & Deity.

All Other Games.

Puzzle Games

Click Escape: Abuba the Alien, A Dralien Day, Agent 079, Air Pressure, Alice is Dead: Episode 1, Alice is Dead: Episode 2, Alice is Dead: Episode 3, Alien Family, Allied Escape, Alxemy, Animal Office, Arrival in Hell, Arrival in Hell 2, Automaton, Automaton: Part 1, Automaton: Part 2, Bars of Black and White, Belial Chapter 1, Belial Chapter 2, Belial Chapter 2.5, Bone Sniffer, Bonte Room, Bonte Room 2, Bowja the Ninja, Bowja the Ninja 2, Bowja the Ninja 3, Box of Tricks, Brother, BR's Climate Chaos, Burglar Hunt, Button Hunt 3, Cairn, Caveman Adam and Eve, Celebrity Hunt, Chance A Lot, Charger Escape, Chasm, Chinese Grow, Civet's Odyssey, Click Drag Type, Click Play, Click Play 2, Clostrum Part I, Clue Sweeper Plus, Color My Dreams, Color My Fate, Color My Heart, Covert Front Episode 1, Covert Front Episode 2, Covert Front Episode 3, Crain's Room, Crimson Room, Cube Core, Curious, Dark Room, Deadly Venom, Deadly Venom 2: Origins, Deadly Venom 3, Death Trap, Deep and Blue, Defuse and Escape, Desert Seed, Desolation, Desolation 2, Diamond Penthouse Escape, Diamond Penthouse Escape 2, Diseased Corpse Demo, Doodle God, Doraemon Mystery, Dreamerz, Dreamgate Escape, Droppy, Dungeon Escape 2, Easy Joe, Eddie's Lament, Eleventh Hour, Enter the Apartment, Escape, Escape 6: The Shack, Escape Artist, Escape Da House, Escape for 10 Seconds, Escape for 10 Seconds 2, Escape from Crystal Lake, Escape from the THK58, Escape Library, Escape Series 1, Escape Series 2, Escape Series 2.5, Escape Series 3, Escape the Den, Escape the Health Center, Escape the Office, Esk 2, Eternal Elements, Ex Mortis 2, Fallen from the Moon, Finding My Heart, Find Tealy, Find Tealy 2, First Day at School, First Hero, Flooded Room, Fog Fall, Fog Fall 2, Foreign Creature, Foreign Creature 2, Foreign Creature Scene, Free the Balloon, From Heaven to Hell 1.5, From Heaven to Hell 2A, Full Moon, Gateway, Gateway 2, Geek Quest 2, Geoffrey's Quest, Get Out, Get Out 2, Ghostscape, Goblin, Gold Burger To Go, Golem, Goliath The Soothsayer, Great Attic Escape, Great Basement Escape, Great House Escape, Great Kitchen Escape, Great Living Room Escape, Green Love, Grey Room, Grow Cube, Grow Island, Grow Nano V3, Hako Robo Room, Harry Quantum, Harry Quantum 2, Harry Stick Journey, Haunted Halloween Escape, Haunted: The Trapped Soul, Heart of Tota, Heaven's Key, Heist 2, Hetherdale, Hood Episode 1, Hood Episode 2, Hood Episode 3, Horror Simulator, Hotel Catastrophe, How To Get Out?, Icescape, Imagia 1: The Tower, Imago Prologue, Incognitus, Industry 2, Insantatarium, Inside a Dead Skyscraper, Intruder, Island Escape, I Wish I Were the Moon, Johnny Why Are You Late?, Journeys of Reemus 4, Journeys of Reemus: Ch. 1, Just Escape, Kazahana: No Exit, Kingdom of Liars 1, Kremen, Kumba vs The Evil Penguin, Kutuke, Labrynth, Larva Dream, Lifeguard Larry Deluxe, Light Asylum 1, Light Asylum 2, Little Wheel, Locked Forever 6, Luke, MacGyver, Magneto Syndrome, Magneto Syndrome 2, Max Strong 2, Mayan Escape, Mayan God, Me and the Key, Me and the Key 2, Menulis, Mesiria 2, Miestas, Milk Quest, Mini Scientist, Mischevious A.C.A., Mitoza, Mog House, Mog House 2, Monkey Go Happy, Monkey Go Happy 2, Monster Basement, Monster Basement 2, Morning After, Morningstar, Mosquito and Cow, Motel Madness, Muse Lock, Mutant Uprising, My Angel, Myosotis: Chapter 1, Myosotis: Chapter 2, Mystic Hunter, Neil the Nail, Neverending Light, Nightmares of Leia Ray, Ninja Delivery, Ninja Piro, Onamis 2006, Orchestrated Death, Orchestrated Death 2, Outsider, Package, Panda's Big Adventure, Panda's Bigger Adventure, Pig Detective, Pirates of the Undead Sea, Poco Escape 2, Point Click Destroy, Prison Escape, Projector Room, Pupzzle, Purism, Puzzle Box, Pyjaman, Q : Compressing the Heart, Quiet Falls, Quiet Falls: Linear, Railway to Heaven, Rapid Reaction Master, Red Space, Reincarnation, Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday, Reincarnation: All Hallow's Eve, Reincarnation: A Taste of Evil, Reincarnation: Clergy of Unholy, Reincarnation: In The Name of Evil, Reincarnation: Let the Evil Times Roll, Reincarnation: Out to Sea You Die, Reincarnation: Riley's Out Again, Reincarnation: The Backfire of Hell, Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door, Retardo and the Iron Golem, Reunion, Reverb 1, Reverb 2, REW, Riddle School, Riddle School 2, Riddle School 3, Riddle School 4, Riddle School 5, Rizzoli and Isles, Robot Mom, Romeo Go Go, Room of Rainbow, Round World, Ruby Loft Escape, Sagittarian 1, Sagittarian 2, Sagittarian 4: Berger, Samurai Shrine Escape, Sapphire Room Escape, Save Pirate Bunny, Save the Bunny, Save the Bunny Xmas, Save the Girl, Scene of the Crime, SeaScape, Serendipity in 2D, Sheriff Chase, Shore Siege, SIA 2, Sift Heads 0, Sixty Seconds to Live, S-Kape, Sleep Walk, Small Town Detective, Smart Stick Adventure, Soldier Diary, Sphere Core, Stupidella, Submachine, Submachine 2: The Lighthouse, Submachine 3, Submachine 4: The Lab, Submachine 5: The Root, Submachine 6: The Edge, Submachine: FLF, Swan's Room, Sweet Valentine, Synapsis, Tanooky Tracks, Teleporter Escape, Temple Escape, Terminal House, Text 4 Dead, The Adventures of Red, The Bar, The Doors, The Insanity, The Insanity 2, The Magician, The Man with the Invisible Trousers, The Pain Machine, The Plot, The Visitor, The Visitor Returns, The Wok, Tiny Grow, Tipping Point 2, Tipping Point 3, Tipping Point 4, Tipping Point: Chapter 1, Tomb of Doom, Tombscape, Tombscape 2, Tortuga 2, Totally Odd, Tower Escape, Transaction, Transylvania, Trapped 5, TRG Escape, Tribute to Grow, Trick or Treat Adventure, Trollface Quest, Turtles Harvest, Twoon Exit, Vampire Skills, Wacky Island Escape, War Bears, Wayfinder 1, Wayfinder 2, WC Toilet Escape, We Are All Birds, We Are Friends, Wentworth, Yogipoco, Youda Legend: Curse of Amsterdam Diamond, Youda Legend: Golden Bird, You Find Yourself In A Room, Zee and the Alien Machine, Zombie Cats, Zombie Inglor, Zombies: The Beginning, Zombie Takeout, All Click Escape.

Fit Together: Atome, Blockgineer, Candy Conveyor, Clix, CN's Enigma, Colorshift, Comboling, Connexions, Dependant, Exploit, Flooded Village, Grain Strain, Happy Dead Friends, Harry the Hamster, Harry the Hamster 2, Hot Water, Hunga Basic Needs, Hyper Pype, Let It Flow, Light Bot, Liquid Measure, Liquid Measure 2, Liquid Measure 2 Level Pack, Loops of Zen, Love, Max Connect, Mechanical Puzzles, Moebius Syndrome, More Beer, Out of Wind, Panipane, Paths, Paths 2, Pentominoes, Phit, Picture Cubes, Pipe Job, Plumber 2, Railroad Builder, Ramps, Same Corner Blocky , Slingette, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar 2, Sugar, Sugar: Christmas, Twirl and Hurl, Unfolding, Weird Candy Thing, Wiring, Wooden Path, All Fit Together.

Guesstimate: All We Need Is Brain, All We need is Brain 2, Bad Pixel, Ballery, Balloon's Mail, Basket Balls, Basket Balls Level Pack, Battleship, Bazooki, Bazooki: A Silent Affair, Birdish Petroleum, Blobs Hunter, Bloopers 2, Blosics, Blosics 2, Blosics 2 Level Pack, Blow Things Up, Blow Things Up 2, Blue Blox 2, BooZoids, Bound Bear, Bowlees, Brave Kings: Players Pack, Bridge, Bristlies, Bucketball 2, Catch The Bones, Catch the Star, Catch the Star 2, Catopult, Chuckaboom, Civiballs, Civiballs 2, Civiballs Christmas, Clash It, Cloudy, Collapse It, Color Cleaner, Color Joy, Color World, Color World Origins, Construction Fall, Contrast Cannon, Conveyor, Cover Orange, Cover Orange 2, Cover Orange Players Pack, Crash the Robot, Crash the Robot: Explosive Edition, Crazy Go Nuts, Crazy Go Nuts 2, Cubium, Cubium Level Pack, Day of the Bobteds, Deep Lift, Deep Lift 2, Demolition City, Demolition City 2, Destroyer, Devil's Leap, Domino-P, DooBoo Spidrix, Drag and Shoot, Draka, Draka 2: No More Christmas, Drop Dead, Drop Dead 2, Drop Dead 3, Drop Dead Extended Edit, Drop Dead Final Cut, Drop Dead: Players Pack, Duck and Roll, Dummy Crusher, Elements and Physics, Elite Base Jump, Energy Physics, EON, Facebookeria, Fanged Fun, Fanged Fun Level Pack, Fatman Go, Feed the King, Feed the Panda, Fire It Up!, Fish Need Water, Flaming Zombooka, Flaming Zombooka 2, Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack, Flaming Zombooka 3, Flightless Dragons, Flood: Salvation, Fox n Roll, Fox n Roll Pro, Galaxy Jumper, Gemollection, Gibbets, Gibbets 2, Gibbets 2 Level Pack, Gibbets 3, Gold Rush, Gravitee, Gravitee 2, Gravitee Wars, Gravitex, Gravitex 2, Hambo, Hambo 2, Hate Red, Heap Heap, Helicopter Rescue, Hide Snowman, Hit the Troll, Hungry Shapes, Icebreaker, Icebreaker: Red Clan, Icebreaker: The Gathering, I Hate Traffic, I Love Traffic, Jenga, Jolls, Jumping Box, Jumping Box Level Pack, Jungle Juggle, Kaboomz, Kaboomz 2, Kaboomz 3, Kick the block, Killawatt, King of Shapes, King's Game, Kiss The Darts, Laser Cannon 2, Let It Glow, Let It Glow 2, Levers, Little Big Balance, Mad Virus, Magnetic Rush, Magnetism, Mass Attack, Match And Remove, Max Damage, Mechanism, Mechanism 2, Mechanism 3, Moglin Punter, Moleculous, Monst, Monster Mover, Mooo 2, Moops: Combos of Joy, Mr. Danger, Mummy Blaster, Music Bounce, Neon Disks, New Star Soccer, Nimble Piggy, Ninja Bear, Ninja Dog, Nutty Mania, Octopoids, Oh, My Candy!, Orange Gravity, Orbit Runner, Ornament Key, Paperclip Physics, Pill Cannon, Ping Ball, Pipol Smasher, Pirates vs Ninjas, Pyro, Pyro 2, Quantum, Quest for Einstein's Brain, Ragdoll Cannon, Ragdoll Cannon 1.5, Ragdoll Cannon 2, Ragdoll Cannon: Level Pack, Ragdoll Cannon Remake, Red Menace 2, Red Remover, Red Remover: Player Pack 2, Redstar Fall, Redstar Fall 2, Rescue on Cocoa Farm, Rich Mine 2, Ricochet Kills, Ricochet Kills 2, Ricochet Kills 3, Ricochet Kills: Players Pack, Ricoshooter, Rise n Shine, Rocket Bob, Rocket Rescue, Roly-Poly Cannon, Roly-Poly Cannon 2, Roly-Poly Eliminator, Roly-Poly Monsters, Rotate and Roll, Rubble Trouble, Rubble Trouble Moscow, Rubble Trouble Tokyo, Rufus 2, Saunavihta, Saunavihta Yetis, Screw the Nut, Shine Bounce, Shrink It, Shrink It Falling, Sieger, Skull Hunter: Player Pack, Skull Hunter: Ricochet, Sky Control, Slow and Blow, Slow and Blow: Level Pack, Slow and Blow: Pirates, Snackalope, Soccer Balls, Sota, Splitter, Squirrel Family, Star Claws, Starshine, Starshine 2, Steampunk, Sticky Ninja Academy, Super Bazooka Mario, Super Stacker, Super Stacker 2, Symphony, Tarzan Ball, That Bomb Game, The Egg, The Green Mission, Thor Towers, TNT Zombies, Top Figures, Torpedoes Armed, Tower Blaster, Tower Stacker, Trickochet, US Mint, Vampire Physics, Vehicles, Vehicles 2, Vehicles 2: Level Pack, Vigor the Pizza Boy, Wake the Royalty, Wake the Royalty Level Pack, Wake Up the Box, Wake Up the Box 2, Wake Up the Box 3, Wallace's Workshop, Warp Shot, Warthog Launch, Waterfalls 2, Waterfalls 3, Waterfalls 3: Level Pack, Were Box, Were Box 2, Wood Worker, Words and Physics, Zombie Boom, Zombie Smasher, ZomBlast, All Guesstimate.

Memory & Match: 4 Differences, 5 Differences, 5 Similarities, 6 Differences, Add 'em Up, Alchemy, Alphabet Hunter, Alpha Drop, Armor Academy, Astral Solitaire, Bad Kitty, Ball Ornaments, Basho Kioku, BoM Search, BPO Disk, Brain Waves, Bucket Bomber, Butterfly Fantasy, Butterfly Fantasy 2, Butterfly Fantasy 3, Camera Mind, Cartoon Fan Quiz, Christmas Lights, Clown Finder, Colormixer, Connect It Match, Contraptor, Dance Match, Dekigokoro Jigsaw, Difference Digger, Don't Eat Me, Do You Know Flash Games?, Dreams, Duck: Think Outside the Flock, Dupligon, Emma, Emma: Valentine, Extreme Gardening, Factory, Factory Balls, Factory Balls 2, Factory Balls 3, Factory Balls 4, Factory Balls Christmas, Factory Redux, Fast Typer, Fast Typer 2, Find Different Point, Firing Day, Flash Tiles, Flipped Out, For the Twin, Geo Queez, Ghost's Revenge, Grammar Ninja, Hangman Extreme, Hiring Day, Horrific Quiz 3, Hunting Of The Snark, Idiot Test 2, Idiot Test 3, Idiot Test 4, Impossible Quiz Book, Incubus Pulsum, IQ Test, Jasmine, Jig Circle, Jigsaw Deluxe, Juathuur: Gate Crash, Jungle Jiggy, Kaleid, Keepwalking's Differences, LadyStar, Let's Rock and Roll, Letters Master, LG Arena Music Quiz, Lilith, Lilith: Valentine, Machete Chamber, Mad World Differences, Mahjong Burger, Mahjongg, Mahjongg 3D, Mahjongg Flash, Mahjong Tower, Marker Memory, Match, Match the Undies, Memo TST, Mental Training, Mind Cards, Mini Drum Pro, Mister Rain, Moonlight Difference, Music Box of Life, Music Box of Life 2, Music Box of Life 3, Must Pop Words, Netbots, Neurolight, NG Grope, Paradox Trials, Paradox Trials 2, Piano Pooch, Pickies Factory, Pigs Will Fly, Pixa Fixa, Pixel Animal Hunter, Pixel Shuffle, Pocket Change, Poke a Muscle, Potion of Beauty, Prose and Motion, Pumpkin Patterns, Puzzatales, Puzzatales 2, Puzzle Solitaire, Qbox, Qink, Reincarnationist, Retiring Day, Rhythm Revolution, Robin Hood: Twisted Tale, Robo Flu, Rockstar Dreamer, Saddest Zombie, Santa Rockstar 2, Santa Rockstar 3, Santa Rockstar 4, Save the Paintings, Shanghai Dynasty, Sheepy, Sightseeing, Sketchpad DX, Slidon, Sonic Speed Spotter, Spin-n-Match, Spot the Difference, Spot the Difference 2, Square There, Starlight, Straight Dice, Supermarket Switch, Super Saimon Deluxe, Super Type, Tangram, Ten Point Plupon, Tessera, That Word Game, The Impossible Quiz, The Impossible Quiz 2, The Impossible Quiz Lite, Timewaster, Timewaster Ultra, Tontie Hammer, Total Robostruction, Virus Game, Were You a Nineties Gamer?, Where's that Guy?, White Shirts, Wiggi Who, Wisebuds, Word Boss, Word Scrambles: Countries, X Spot, You Create the Next Level, Your Face, Zodiac Reactor, Zombie Survival Quiz, Zombie Survival Quiz 2, Z-Rox, All Memory & Match.

Strategy: 3D Logic, 3D Logic 2, 3D Tictactoe, Angel Sudoku, Animal Soduko, Armor Picross 2, Atomic Puzzle, Atomic Puzzle 2, Autowars, Blobwars, Bomb Chain Unlimited, Chat Noir, Checkers Fun, Chess Minefields, City Smile, Civilizations Wars: Ice Legend, Color Tangle, Connect 4, Crossblock, Cubiq, Dicewars, Flash Chess, Flash Chess 3, Flash Mastermind, Great Mate Master, Great War of Prefectures, Hex Battles , Hex Empire, Hexiom, Hexiom Connect, Hexxagon, Interlocked, JChess, Little Stars Little Wars, Little Stars Players Pack, Mate Master, Monomaze, Monster Sudoku, Mooble, Othello, Outpost Combat 2, Pathians Solitaire, Pearls Before Swine, Picma: Picture Enigmas, Picma Squared, Proximity, Puzzle Freak, Quarkz, Rings and Sticks, Rubik, School Wars, Seven, Sliding Block Puzzle, Spideriana, Star Relic, Sudoku, Sudoku 2, Sudoku 2007, Sudoku Omega, Susuke, Tetraball, Ultimate Chess, Unlock, All Strategy.

Transport (Sokoban & Elimination): Adam and Eve, Ant Tracks, Avatar the Last Airbender, Ball Elimination, Bam Boom, Black Night, Block, Blockage, Blockage 2, Block Drop, Blockout, Block Puzzle, Blocks, Bloxorz, Bobitos, Bomb Chain, Brain Drop, Bubba Time, Bunny Bunny, Burger Cat, Choo Choo Puzzles, Clockwork, Colonisation, Cube-It, Dibbles 3: Desert Despair, Dibbles Pro Pack, Dice Mover, Disco Cubes, Doggnation, Domino Knight 2, Don't Save the Princess, Drull, D.Slide, Eclipse, Egg Maze, enDice, Epic Rail, Exorbis, Exorbis 2, Fill Up, Fit Position, Five a Row, Flashxed, Frogmania, Fruit Fall, Globalization, Globule, Go Usagi Go, Gravistation, Gravity Duck, Gravity Grid, Grayscale, Guardian Rock, Happy Pill, Headless Joe, Home Sheep Home, Home Sheep Home 2, Impasse, IQ Marathon, Isoball, Isoball 2, Isometric Sokoban, Isora 2, Isora 3, Jewels Gear, King of Bridges, Klax 3D, Linx, Linx: Easy, Linx: Hard, Maneuver, Matrixoid, Max Connect 2, Maze Stopper 2, Meeblings, Meeblings 2, Mindfields 2, Mindfields 2204, Mine Drop, Moir, Monkeymetric, Moo Beam, Mysterious Treasures, Neon Maze, Ninja Girl 2, Ninja Painter, Ninja Painter 2, Ninja Sequence, npa4ka, Ogotu, Open Doors 2, Orbox B, Parking Zone, Pegean, Peg Solitaire, Penguin Push, Pictogrid, Pit Sweeper, Platform Maze, Potty Mouth Ninja, Prism: Light the Way, Prizma Puzzle, Prizma Puzzle 2, Prizma Puzzle Challenges, Push It, Push N Snap, Putt Base, Puzzlenauts, Quiet Night, Rabbit Hop, Railroad Shunting Puzzle, Riding Shotgun, River Game, Rolley, Rotation, Running Men, Shape Switcher, Short Legs Want Rabbits, Short Path Puzzle, Shot, Silversphere, Simple Motions, Simple Motions 2, Snail Bob 2, Snowstorm, Sogoban, Splash Back, Square Blox, Squares, Squares, Sticky Blocks, Talesworth Adventure Episode 1, Telescope, Theia, These Robotic Hearts of Mine, Toon Shift, Tree of Life, Trouble Underground, Turnz, Two Rooms, Water Werks, West Train, Wooden Rolls, All Transport (Sokoban & Elimination).

All Puzzle Games.

Racing & Car Games

3D Car Driver, 3D Rally Racing, Adrenaline Challenge, Angel Racing, Armoured Commandos, A Small Car, A Small Car 2, Autobahn, Avalanche: Penguin Adventure, Awesome Tanks, Awesome Tanks 2, Baja, Battle Tank, Bike Mania, Bike Mania 2, Blood Car 2000, Blood Car 2000 Deluxe, BMW Driving, Bombay Taxi 2, Bomb Detonator, Bullet Car, Bumper Cars Demolition, Carbon Auto Theft, Charlie Sheen: Winning, Coaster Racer, Coaster Racer 2, Coast Runners, Cone Crazy, Crazy Loop, Crazy Shuttle, Cursor Race, Cyclo Maniacs, Cyclo Maniacs 2, Deadly Racer, Death Trip, Destruction Derby, Diesel and Death, Dino Run, Drag Racer, Drift Runners, Driver's Ed, Drunk Driver, Dune Buggy, Earn to Die, Endless War 5, Epic Coaster, Feed the Children, Fig 8, FMX Team, Foofa Race, Foofa Race 2, Formula Racer, Formula Racer 2012, Freeway Fury, Freeway Fury 2, Frog Race, Fugitive Takedown, Gear Up, Grand Prix Go, Gravity Runner, Heat Wave Racing, Heavy Metal Rider, Heli Racer, High Velocity Racing, Highway Hunter, Hovercraft Race, Hover Tanks 2, Icycle, Ignition Racing, Indestructo Tank, Indestructo Tank 2, Indestructo Tank AE, Jam XM, Jet Boat Racing, Jet Velocity 2, Jet Velocity 3D, KGB Hunter, Killer Cars 2, Kill Kar, King of Sweden, Line Flyer Beta, Line Leviathon, Line Rider Beta, Line Rider Beta 2, Mad Monday, Mad Truckers, Mafia Driver, Miami Shark, Mining Truck, Mining Truck 2, Mo Bike, Monkey Kart, Monster Truck Maniac, Monster Truck Rampage, Monster Truck Trials, Motocross FMX, Moto X Freestyle, Mountain Bike, Neon Race, Neon Rider, New Car Net Racer, New York Shark, Nitro Trabi, Norway Parking, Nuclear Outrun, Offroaders, Paperway, Parallel Parking, Parking Perfection, Park My Car, Party Interrupted, Pedal to the Metal, Pedestrian Killer, Pipe Riders, Pole Position, Puppy Racing, Raccoon Racing, Reach the Goal, Rich Racer, Road Carnage, Rocket Car 2, Rocket Panda, Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing, Rural Racer, Rush Race, Sand Storm, Scania Driver, Shadow Factory, Shooting Force, Short Bus Rampage, Simpson's Ball of Death, Snowball 2008, Soul Driver, Speed Shot, Spy Hunter, Star Racer, Storm Boat: Vietnam Mayhem, Stunt Bike Island, Stunt Crazy, Stunt Dirt Bike, Super Bike GP, Tank 2008, Tankblitz Zero, Tank Chaos, TGFG Racing, Thump, Tiny Grand Prix, Tobby's Car Race, Toy Tank Arena, Track Star, TRN 47 Subversion, Turbo Spirit XT, UFO Racing, Uphill Rush, Van Flash, Vector Runner, Wall Rider, Warbringers, War on the Block, Wow What a Race, Xenon Prime Racing, All Racing & Car Games.

Fly 'n' Shoot Games

3D Shooters: 3D Micro Wars, Astro Flyer, Generic Space Game, Heli Cops, Hobby Pilot, Hyperblast, Hyper Drive X, Moment Zero, Nokkians, Nokkians 2, Panda Space War, Rocket Rush, Tailgunner, Tevlon 3D, Vector Stunt, Void Gunner, All 3D Shooters.

Asteroids: 41st Reality, Abstract Arcade, Abstract Sea, Armagedon Flight, Asteroids Revenge 3, Astroids Vintage, Astro Trigger, Attracting Twist, A Typical Wednesday Afternoon, Avoidal, Ballies, Battle Paint, Belter, Bio Cage, Black on White, Bluep, Bubble Tanks, Bubble Tanks 2, Bubble Tanks 3, Bubble Tanks Arenas, Bullets, Cell Warfare, Chk and Chk, Color Burst, Color Pod, Color Wars, Comet Blaster, Crystal Crunch 2, Crystal Crunch 4, Cursor Attack 3, Cursor Storm, Cybershock, Cyclone, Darkest Days, Dead Metal (Updated), Death vs. Monstars, Deep, Diepix Arena, Diepix Arena 2, Dimension Pod, Dodge, Doom Runner, Empty, Fish Tank, Flametry Wars, Flash Geometry Wars, Fracture, Fracture 2, Frantic Frigates, Galactic Invasion 20XX, Galaxy Wars, Genestealer, Geom Wars, Geo Wars, GlueFO 2, GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars, Grey Matter, Gun Ball 2, Heavy Weapons, Heidi One, Hot Rocks, Ichi, Inner Zombie, Intergalactic Rumble, Kaichou, Laser Ruse, Luminara, Metallicide, Mite Love, Modular, Monochrome, Neon, Neon 2, Neuron, No Gravity, Orange, Overmode, Particle Blaster, Pathfinder, Peace Break: Hero, Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel Blast, Pixel Blaster, Pixel Purge, Polygon Apocalypse, Power Tank, Red n Blu, Replica, Robo Blast, Shape Shooter 2, Shape Shooter 3, Shot Baller, Sixty, Slitz, Space Fighter Rebellion, Space Pips, Spin Doctor, Splat, Square Divide, Squidgy, Star Fly 3, Submarine vs Aliens, Surrounded, Tech Wars, Trekkieroids, Try 2 Survive, Untouchable, Varas, Vector Effect, Vector Wars, Vel.blast, Velshocka, Water Wars, Wings of Glory, Zero Bullets, All Asteroids.

Horizontal Scrollers: 2099, Aerial Avenger, Aero Chaos, Agent Wing Defenders Final, Alpha Bounty, Alpha Force, Armored Ashura, Aster Blaster, Attack of the Puppy Bots, Bat Country, Billy Blue Fish, Blazing, Blueshift, Brain Attack, Cloud Soldier, Dragon Force, Dragon Rider, Drakojan Skies, Drakojan Skies Aco Full, Eco Battler, Eco Battler 2, Evolvron, Five 'til, Flight, Free Mars, Fuelship 3, Ghost Guidance, Grinning Cobossus, Jet Speed, Katocan, Legacy of Guy 2, Magic Jet, Magic Jet 2, Magic Jet New, Metal Wrath, Mon Calamari, Mothership Defender 2, Ninja Combat, Nyan Cat FLY!, Origami, Overkill Apache, Paper Plane, Paper Warfare, Parasite Strike, Particles Extreme, Peace Plane, Power Copter, Power Splash, Project Inthri 3, Providence Remix, Raider: Episode 1, Red Skies, Resistance Is Useless, Robots Attack, Rocket Walrus, ROFL Copter, Shrubbery, Sky Chopper, Sky Fyre, Sky Wings, Stacks, Star Bot 17, Star Serpent Sigma, Super Hero Chronicles, Super Pilot, Super Robot Advance, Super Viking Shark Panch, Sword of Orion, Timefighter, Tosuta, Transmigration, Twilight Valkyrie, Twin Power, UFO Game, Wasted Sky, Wigginaut, Wigman Big Run, Wings of Genesis, Wings of Rage, Zero Hunt, All Horizontal Scrollers.

Mission-Based Shooters: Ascent Jed Mercurio, Avatar Firenation, Awesome Planes, Chop Raider, Clear Skies, Dogfight, Dogfight 2, Engage, Flash Trek Rom Wars, Helipopter, Helistorm 2, Hellfire, Jetpack Jailbreak, RAF Global Rescue, Santa's Slay, Shell Core Skirmish, Skies of War, Space Chaos, Space Knights, Starcom, Steam Birds , Stunt Pilot, Stunt Pilot Trainer, All Mission-Based Shooters.

Vertical Scrollers: A-Blast, Area Flat 2, Area Flat 3, Air Fox, Alien Annihilators, Asteroid Field, Astro Blaster, Avian Wars, B29 Assault, Bio Assault, Bombs Away, Boss Killer, Boss Slayer, Broken Garden, Bullet Audyssey, Bullet Heaven, Captain Jack Adventure, Cosmo Fortress, Crusader Tank, Cube Colossus, Danmaku Legend 2, DN8, Dragon Flame, Dragon Pants 2, Dragon Rescue, Electropede, Enigmata, Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, Fat Cat, Floatin Assault, Frantic, Frantic 2, Galagon 2004, Gaxoc 2 Evil Invader, Headspace, Heli Strike, Holy War: Invasion, Inside My Brain, Jet Fighter, Linear Assault, Mouse Wars, Naval Fighter, Notebook Wars 2, Notebook Wars 3, Not Your War, Phoenix Revenge, Raiden B, Raiden X, Ray Quest, Ready Aim Fire, Red Plane 2, Retromania 1985, Retron, Retro Shoot, Rhythm Blaster, Rhythm Blaster 2, Selena Wars, Shameless Clone, SiwerTran Fight, Sky Captain, Sky Warrior, Space Arcade, Space Fighter, Space Gate, Space Wing, Star Fighter: Dragon's Territory, Star Fly, Starmada, Starmageddon, Star Wings, Sword of August: Road to Independence, Target Sheriff, Uchuwars, Varth, Wizard's Run, Zenon Mega Blast, All Vertical Scrollers.

All Fly 'n' Shoot Games.

Sport Games

Golf: 12 Holes of Xmas, Boombot, Boombot 2, Closing Dimensions, Dumbo Golf, Galactic Gravity Golf, Golphysics, Jurassic Putt, Mani Golf 2, Miniputt, Miniputt 2, Miniputt 3, Office Mini Golf, Panda Golf, Paper Golf 2: EX, Putt It In, Putt More Base, Three Puck Chuck, Turbo Golf, Widmer Beer Golf, Wonderputt, Zombie Golf Riot, All Golf.

Launch & Toss: Alien Bounce, Berzerk Ball, Billy The Pilot, Blast Off Bunnies, Blastomatic, Blast RPG, Bloody Penguinball, Bloons, Bloons Player Pack 1, Bowman, Bowman 2, Burrito Bison, Burrito Bison Revenge, Canoniac Launcher, Canoniac Launcher Xmas, Canyon Glider, Captain Crash, Catapult Madness, CattlePult, Cold Storage, Critter Cannon, Dangerous Dave, Douche Monkey Astronaut, Fanta Dash, Flamingo Drive, Flight of the Hamsters, Flugtag Mars Tournament, Fly Meow, Frequent Dier, Hedgehog Launch, Hedgehog Launch 2, Homerun in Berzerk Land, Kid Launcher, Kitty Cannon, Learn to Fly, Learn to Fly 2, Luis Launch, Meteor Launch, Midget Tossing, Monkey Kick Off, More Bloons, Over The Border, Penguin Ball, Penguinball 2, Pirate Launch, Polar Boar, Prison Throw, Rocket Weasel, Savages, Seagull Smack, Shoot for the Sky, Shopping Cart Hero, Slingshot Santa, Snotput, Stinky Bean Fling, Toss the Turtle, Trampoline Tricks, Turtle Shot, Wedgie Toss, All Launch & Toss.

Miscellaneous: 1 on 1 Soccer, 3D Field Goal Games, 3D Superball, Air Balls, Air Hockey Ikoncity, Apple Shooter, Arm Wrestle My Ego, Balls 'n' Walls, Banana Barrage, Bat and Pitch, Beckham Soccer Shootout, Big Diamond, BMX Tricks, Bomb Runner, Bowling, Bowling Flash, Bumperball, Captain Chaos, Cat Baseball, Catch a Shit, Champions 07, Cheney's Texas Take Down, Chicken Hockey, Clicky Kite, Crunchball 3000, Danger Girl, Darts, Disco Balls, Dodger's Snowboarding, Dropoff, Duck Hunt, Duck Hunt 2, Ducky, DX Hockey, Eggrun 2, Extreme Heli Boarding, Freekick, Freekick Mania, Geriatrics Skeet Shooting, Goal Street, Handball, Home Run Boy, Homerun Rally, Horse Race, Island Fishing, James the Beach Zebra, Lilo and Stich Bowling, Little John's Archery, LV Rugby, McCoy's Darts, Monkey Cliff Diving, Monkey Island Self Golf, Monkey Sky Dive, NBA Spirit, Office Throw, Pa Doink, Panda Air Hockey, Panda Dodgeball, Panda Fishing, Panda Volleyball, Peanut, Penalty Fever, Penalty Master, Penguin Skate, Penguin Skate 2, Pepsi Pinball, Pigeon's Revenge, Pigeon's Revenge 2, Pinball Adventure, Pinch Hitter, Power Ball, Power Swing, Presidential Paintball, Rebounce, Santa Skittles, Sewer Skater, Shooting the Fly, Side Kick 2007, Sittin at a Bar, Skate Fall, Skydiver Mach 2, Slime Volleyball, Slime Soccer, Sling Sling, Smashback, Snowboard Betty, Snowboarding XL, Snowboard Stunts, Soccer, Solarsaurs, Spinball Pinball, Stick Trampoline, Sumo Ball, Supermarket Bowling, Super Soccer, Table Hockey Extreme, Ten Pin Alley, The Lord of the Harpoon, X-Hoc, Xtreme Cliff Diving, Xtreme Pinball, Zombie Homerun, All Miscellaneous.

Pong: 3D Pong, 4 Way Pong, Battle Pong, Beer Pong, Cat Can Tennis, Circle Ball, Curveball, Curvy Pong, Entropy, Flash Pong, Fluxball, Frat Boy Beer Pong, Funky Pong, Insane Orb, King Ping Pong 3D, Mortal Pwnbat, Nanotube, Out of Bounds, Pac Pong, Pongnop, Pwong, Pwong 2, Radial Pong, Round Pong, Slam, Street Hockey, Tennis, Tobby Tennis, Turret Pong, All Pong.

Pool: Billiard Blitz 2, Billiards, Blueprint Billiards, Cool Pool, Deluxe Pool, Lightning Break Pool, Lightning Pool 2, Nineball, Ping Pong, Pool Jam, Power Pool, Power Pool 2, Power Pool Frenzy, Turtle Pool, All Pool.

Santa's Snowboard

All Sport Games.

Tetris & Block Games

Balance: 3D Tris, 99 Bricks: The Legend of Garry, Blockster, Brick Stacker, Brick Yard, Brick Yard 2, Crack The Nut, Drop 3, DUI, Flash Blox, Imperfect Balance, Imperfect Balance 2, Isometric Tetris, Jig, Perfect Balance, Perfect Balance 2, Perfect Balance 3, Perfect Balance 3: Last Trials, Perfect Balance: New Trials, Perfect Balance: Playground, Sleepy, Stackle, Sushi Cat, Sushi Cat 2, Sushi Cat: Honeymoon, Tetris, Tetris 64k, Tetris Dungeon, Totem Destroyer, All Balance.

Javanoid & Arkanoid: Arkanoid DS, Atom Juggler, Balls 2D, Big Head Boy, Blaze Ball Demo, Blu Cat, Break It, Break It 2, Break It 3, Bustout ;-), Chargeball, Color Bounce, Crapanoid, Eternal Space, Flipshot Warrior, Gravity Ball, Gravity Ball Bouncer, Hamu, Javanoid 2, Leaks, Magical Arkanoid, Master Breakout, Maya Ball, Missilebreak Outvaders, Mission to Neptune, Moko Moko, Mortanoid, Nightly BreakOut, Noidzor, Noidzor 2, Pachong, Panic Room 2, Pants Volcano, Ping Bricks, Pioo Pioo, Pi Po Pa Block, Pixel Basher, Pixel Painter, Plastic Balls, Pong Out, Rico Brix, Save the Goons, Sky Ball, Smash 2, Star Ball, Sugar Core, Tastes Good, The Factory, Tumble Fruit, Turtle Break, Uber Breakout, Very Bear Brother, Wack Brickz, Wreckanoid, All Javanoid & Arkanoid.

Match: Aqua Cubes, Atlantis Quest, Bear and Cat, Blang Blang, Blob Shot, Blockpolis, Bloody Fun Day, Blow up, Bomboozle, Bomboozle 2, Boobs Bubbles, Boombox, Boombox 2, Brick Hole, Bricks, Bubbels, Bubble Cannon 2, Bubble Shooter, Cash Machine, Catalyst, Circlo, Clusterobot, Cog Factory, Collapse, Color or Head Chaser, Color Rabbit, Colors in the Sky 2, Coral Cup 2, Crystal Balls, Cubedelic, Cube Tema, Cube Tema 2, Cube Tema 2 Old, Cuisine King, Deep Digg, Deep Trip, Deep Trip 2, Digital Switch, Dwarven Castle, Egypt Puzzle, Escaped, Face Shirt March, Fancy Constructor, Farm Hustle, Frozen Bubble, Frozen Bubble Final, Frozen Candy, Fun Fun Animals, Galactic Gems, Gem Clix, GemClix Blitz, Gem Mine, Gems, Germ Attack, Globs, Globular, Glops, Gluey, Gluey 2, Goggleyes, Go Spin, Gravitat, Greedy Halloween, Gude Balls, Head of Candy, Hectris, Hishi, Icy Candy, Iron Works, Jewels, Jungle Magic, Jurassic Realm, Knightfall, Knightfall 2, Kyobi, Let's Make Friends, Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders, Magic Toy Factor, Magnet Towers, Mario Puppets, Messy Shapes, Micro Art, Mind the Blox, Moon Light Sparking, Nine Dragons Hexas, Obversity, Only 8 Planets, Panda Drop, physBallz, Phytrix, Piece Together, Pinboliada, Pirate Chains, Pokeball Blitz, Pokemon: Towering Legends, Popopop, Popopop 2, Porolith Flash, Puppet Five, Puzzle Soccer World Cup, Quadrants, Qube, Quick Brick, Ringmania, Ringmania 2, Rise of Atlantis, Rome Puzzle, Rox, Rox 2, Same Game Flash, Screwball, Shields of Gemland, Side Effect, Skill Stack, Sobics, Sorter Bob, Spheric, Square Breaker, Stackopolis, Statetris, Super Fruit Combo, Super Puzzle Platformer, Sushi Circle, Teddy Cascade, Totomi, Toy Tales, Ultra Block, Umbel Bee, Unfreeze Penguins, Volcaner, We Are The Robots 2, Wizards: Puzzle War, Wrax, Zoo Keeper, Zoo Keeper 2, All Match.

All Tetris & Block Games.