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Java Games?

You may have noticed some pages (like the Quick Sand games) do not even have an empty box for where the game should be. They may be Java. To play Java games in your browser, follow the video and instructions below (Windows 7/8/10 only):

  1. Download Java and install it
  2. Search for Configure Java to open the Java Control Panel
  3. Security tab -- Exception Site List -- Edit Site List
  4. In the Exception Site List popup, add both http://andkon.com and http://www.andkon.com

A.) Internet Explorer option:

  1. Search for Internet Explorer and open it. (In Windows 10, you can also open Microsoft Edge -- Settings and more (three dots, top right) -- Open with Internet Explorer)
  2. Tools (cogwheel, top right) -- Internet option -- Security tab -- Security level for this zone -- Custom level... -- Scripting -- Scripting of Java applets -- Enable
  3. Close and restart the browser and the games below should work

B.) Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) option: 9/6/2018: Firefox 52.9.0 is no longer updated and is not considered secure. Use at own risk!

  1. Find and download the Windows 32-bit version (not 64-bit) of Firefox ESR 52 (not 60)
  2. Choose custom install and install in a custom path so it does not conflict with an already installed version of Firefox
  3. Close and restart the browser and the games below should work

C.) Palemoon or SeaMonkey option:

  1. Download and install Palemoon (32-bit) or SeaMonkey. (Both browsers are based on Firefox 52, the last Firefox version to support the Java plug-in.)
  2. Close and restart the browser and the games below should work

Safari on macOS: Please see Run Java in Unsafe Mode on Safari 11 or Enable Plugins in Safari on macOS. Safari 12 does not support Java or any other plugins anymore, except Flash.

Java Games!

MR-C has some interesting old Java games (including sand games). Be sure to add the domain https://web.archive.org to the Exception Site List.

Dan-Ball also has Java games but most are available as HTML5 anyways. Be sure to add the domain http://dan-ball.jp to the Exception Site List.

Shockwave Games

Shockwave is only available in the same browsers that still allow Java, see above. Just download and install in one of those browsers.

Games: Driver's Ed, Panda Pang, Rich Racer, Stunt Bike Island, Panda Fishing.

Remember Candystand/Nabisco's arcade games like minigolf? Those were Shockwave. One Weakness has them all!

Why did you stop updating with new games?

Casual games moved to mobile and Flash never made the transition out of personal computers. Though it licensed thousands of games, the Andkon Arcade never released any exclusive titles so there is nothing to submit to the app stores. If you think about it, the Andkon Arcade was the app store, except completely free!

Andkon Arcade T-Shirts

Shirts are no longer available for sale. Feel free to use the logos from the old shirt shop page at custom merch sites.

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