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No Popups, No Spyware

Since I play on this site myself, I don't allow popups and other annoyances. However, if your computer is infected with spyware or viruses, you might still get popups and experience performance issues. To get rid of viruses and spyware, download the free Microsoft Security Essentials. If you already have anti-virus software, you need to uninstall your current one as two anti-virus programs may have adverse reactions. (I've been really satisfied with MSE. It found a few viruses others didn't. It seems MSE is the full-fledged version of Windows Defender but it doesn't get much attention because it's free.)

Privacy Policy

Advertisers may use cookies and beacons. This means your IP address, browser type, and other statistical information used to provide you with more relevant advertising could be gathered. Also, interest-based advertising can allow advertisers to show ads based on previous visits to an advertiser's website. None of the information gathered is personally identifiable though.

Game Not Loading?

To be able to play all the games, you need the following plug-ins: Adobe Flash (98% of all games), Adobe Shockwave, and Java. It's best that you restart your computer after installing any of these.

Game Still Not Loading?

If installing all the plug-ins above and restarting your computer hasn't solved the problem, feel free to contact me or post your question on the Andkon Arcade Facebook page. Copy and paste the following red information so I know what operating system and browser you use:

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Contact Andkon

I appreciate suggestions, recommendations, and above all reports of broken games or pages. My email is andkon/AT/andkon/DOT/com and my AIM is kickasscomputer. Alternatively, you can use the Andkon Arcade Facebook page to leave a comment or ask a question.

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