You're redirected to this page because Alicia M. Bell (below) doesn't think you should be allowed to play certain games. She undoubtedly is a boring, dull person who has nothing going for her. Is Alicia an anti-Semite who goes to Klan rallies on the weekends? Does she drown puppies in her bathtub? Is she involved in money laundering and terrorism? What is she hiding? Dead bodies? How many? Who knows? Really, who knows? We're just asking questions, after all.

Meet Alicia M. Bell, Resident Copyright Nazi from the Law Firm of Miller Nash & Hitler

On May 28th, 2013, Alicia Bell of Miller Nash & Hitler sent my host a nastygram (below) alleging that certain games infringed on intellectual property of her "client," Nintendo of America, Inc. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the company that hosts the servers for the Andkon Arcade is obligated to disable the content to avoid liability. In order to keep the rest of the site online, I've elected to disable the allegedly infringing games instead of having my host shut down the entire site.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

At this stage, I have two options: 1) block/redirect the allegedly infringing games indefinitely 2) file a counter-notification. However, even the counter-notification takes two weeks to go through, during which time the games will be down no matter what. This is why the DMCA is awful: some busybody, know-nothing crank like Alicia Bell can send a letter in and basically shut down content. This is a process that is often abused.

Thankfully, there is a section in the DMCA that allows for such false notices to be litigated, in order to prevent abuses. However, that process is not simple but we're looking into its feasibility and that of the counter-notification.


1) A few older games on the Andkon Arcade do feature characters bearing likeness to characters from Nintendo. However, these games are parodies like the BP Super Mario Oil Spill game. They are protected under fair use.

2) Also, since these old games are not competitors to today's high-tech games, Nintendo is actually foregoing completely free advertising. "How dare someone advertise my 'client' for free!" says Alicia Bell, not knowing anything about business because she's a total boring killjoy.

The Nastygram Itself


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